When you finally glimpse the purpose of why you are here , the greatness of it might scare you. Then you might be tempted to question whether its real and whether YOU of all people, are really meant to carry it out.

Through questioning and doubting you can return to your comfort zone and live out a life that can feel more grounded and familiar and perhaps even more culturally acceptable.

What you have to realize is that where you are going is always at the front of what currently is, and in some cases might be intended for life on a different timeline from what even exists today, giving life to the expression ‘being ahead of your time’.

Sometimes what you are creating is meant to be experienced by others and the greatest joy for you is in the journey of creating it, even if you never get to see its completion.

There comes a time when you must stop questioning, using energy as a guide for what you must do and apply faith in your actions, trusting that the validation will show up in the form of many little signs as a consequence of being on the path of pure action.