I had a friend write me recently and tell me they were doing so well in life, that things were going so well. But the more they explored themselves the more they began to lose their sense of purpose and feel like life is really just some facade. What I shared with her in response I wanted to share with you as well. Some might dispute what I have to say here and I encourage open argument, just leave a comment, I’ll reply.

All you are is – awareness. And understanding your SELF more is simply awareness of self.. Awareness of an identity, a story, a FACADE.

This at first might cause you to feel depressed, like suddenly your strong sense of self collapses because it realizes there is nothing supporting it. Once you get through that stage you’re going to be even more aware of your self. And you can love and appreciate your self and others more because you realize that everything about their identity is ALSO A FACADE, a story that is so strong they believe in it themselves and will do anything they can to hold on to it. Because they are afraid of the collapse, the confusion, the insecurity, the LOSS etc.

Remember, on a deeper level YOU are NOT *Your Name*. *Your Name* is a name given to you by birth and all kinds of stories have become associated with that identity. You inhabit the body and mind of *Your Name*, but you are NOT that.

The more you understand self, the more you realize the temporariness of it and the silliness of it, and then you can enjoy it more with curiosity from the outside rather than suffering along with it on the inside.

James Rick