The more I work with people on the heart level, the more I realize how much work there is to be done.

Everyone’s story speaks about damage to the heart at some point. And in most cases, the reaction to heart pain is heart closing, as a way to prevent future vulnerability. On top of this there is often a layer of sadness and on top of the sadness (to avoid feeling weak) a layer of anger acts as a kind of false strength. This false strength also causes a person to judge their behavior (and others) harshly.. for example it might say “you only cry if you are weak” when crying is the very thing you might need to do to release charged up emotions in your heart.

I often see people say to themselves that it happened a long time ago and its not relevant any more. But what I’ve found is that emotions are timeless and they are just as fresh and relevant as the day they happened. What’s great about this is that through working in the moment, you can also release charged emotions in an instant! Time does not matter. Solutions come quick when you are working through the heart.

What may take time is the reconditioning of the brain, to adjust to the new conditions of the heart. As thoughts have a tendency to to resurface again and again unless you let them go and recondition new ones. You can do this through monitoring your self talk and feeding yourself with positive affirmations or self-hypnosis on a regular basis (there are $.99 audio programs for this).

In the physical world much of people’s behaviors stem from their reaction to this initial heart pain by a family member, a lover or even a bully. The behaviors, the labels and the story they tell about what happened is all surface level and hides the true source of the motivation – the damaged heart where the energy still resides.
By working at the heart level its possible to transform the entire experience of ourselves and others.

This awareness is not only important to our development but also to ensure that we absolutely minimize the damage we might cause to another person’s heart, especially those who have let us in.
Trust is a very sacred agreement between hearts and is perhaps where can inflict the greatest good or harm to our karma.