We are all here to raise the frequency of ourselves, this planet and the universe.

There is no specific or perfect path, except that first through BEING at a higher frequency your work has already begun. Being at a higher frequency is like a vortex of energy that automatically effects everything around it.

Normally we ask ourselves what do I need to DO in this world? As we associate success with hard work and physical accomplishment. But rather the question should always be how to elevate our frequency / energy first. The answer of what we must DO will follow in every moment.

We are always doing something, and nearly all of our ‘work’ arrives in every moment and is altered through who we are being in the present. Just because it may not earn us money does not mean its not part of ‘the work’.

As for our progress… the evolution to higher frequency is cyclical and each new high must be assimilated and processed at a lower frequency, to bring all parts up for the next round.

This is where most Souls get discouraged believing that all progress must be linear and that any movement down in frequency is loss of progress.. but this is simply part of the process and as long as the intention is to LET go of everything at a lower frequency and ACCEPT AND ALLOW everything you find at a higher frequency.. you will keep moving higher and the next low will still be higher than the last one. And each high will be even higher still.

In life people get comfortable at a certain frequency and do not want to leave, until they are forced out.. usually into a new low and then a new high. If we continually push ourselves out, doing what we intuitively know is best for ourselves, we will find the ride gets much smoother. And if we can anticipate the inevitable drops before the next rise, we can let go quickly. Then allow ourselves to catch the next surge upwards through accepting all forms, understanding that whatever is showing up in our life is necessary for the next stage of our progression. The same is true for whatever HAS already showed up, in the past. ACCEPT what has already shown up, learn from it and let go.

The important thing to remember is that life is not about creating the perfect comfort zone and calling it home, or succeeding at working at a lower frequency and believing that success at any level will make you happy.

The greatest happiness is experienced as growth and progress in evolution towards a more accepting, harmonious, loving, and present being. The work that is done along the way, is not so much for legacy and to be remembered, but rather to serve as a physical expression of the inner work being done, a physical byproduct of heart and Soul as it moves up in frequency, wishing to create things in the material world for the purpose of its own expression and love for the other parts of itself known as Souls.

Key points:
– We are here to raise the frequency of ourselves, our planet and universe to a more loving vibration.
– In being at a higher frequency, the energy of our being is already ‘doing’ the work around us.
– Whatever shows up in the NOW is part of our path and helpful to our progress
– We should never get comfortable at any frequency, you do not build your home on quick sand. Keep going! That is growth.
– Progression is not linear, each high is then processed and assimilated at a lower frequency. Do not get disappointed or discouraged. Keep going! That is the cycle of growth.
– ‘Success’ or ‘failure’ at any frequency is only an expression of who you are at that time. Do not get stuck identifying with yourself at that frequency, keep going!

1: Set your intention to move to the highest energy / frequency possible
2: LEARN and LET GO of anything from the past.. then
3: ALLOW yourself to elevate even when its uncomfortable to feel more and be more aware..and
4: ACCEPT ALL FORMS as you GIVE at the highest level of your being, in love.