FullPotentialI just want to preface today’s post in saying that is probably one of the single most important posts I have ever made in my entire life.
That although it will show up in the form of simplicity, the journey to arrive at the simple has taken an entire lifetime and perhaps many more before this.

This post is not to be read quickly and then put down for another post. This post is meant to be read over and over and allow it to sink in. It must not just be mentally read, it should be read with your heart and then read again with your Soul. This post is of the highest energy I have ever put into a post in my entire lifetime and you will miss the pure essence of everything that is being shared unless you allow yourself to be fully PREPARED before you read it, by breathing in several times and becoming present and to also allow yourself peace, silence, perhaps a walk in nature and / or a meditation after you read it.

You must not take the preparation work lightly OR the post-work. Do not even begin to read this post unless you have sufficiently prepared yourself and have sufficient time to process it. Or read it now and then again and again when you have the time to read and process it in peace and free from distraction.

The following three lessons are the solution for living at your full potential, expressing highest energy and creating a heaven on Earth:

#1 Let Go of All Forms
#2 Accept All Forms As Self
#3 Give 100% to All Forms As Self

All form is part of Source (God) creation, no matter how far away they are from source.

Because Source has manifested in all forms, all forms are a-part-of-God, even when they are far from source (and therefore appear disconnected).

God IS.. .. IS is not just a word, its a sound that goes on for infinite expression of what God ISssssssssssssssssssssssss .. changing in every moment of expansion. The minute you try to define God you have to pause at the Isssssssssssssssss……….. because there is no further explanation as it continues to expand in the moment.

“Even the least among you I count among my creations, and you therefore receive my love”

If you deny any of the forms created from the ISssss, you miss the original purpose behind the creation. And therefore cannot truly act from the central place of being – you cannot stand in the center of everything AND reject forms created by Source for a purpose.
If you do not accept all forms as self, you are not allowing your energy to unify with everything. The ISss (God / love) flows through all it’s creations. Reject a creation and you reject the IS itself, therefore becoming separate in that moment from all that IS-is.

Letting go is not the same thing as denying. First you must LET GO of everything that is NOT you. Which means letting go of all creations as part of your identity.

No creation is the source, a creation is always the product of the source.

To attain higher awareness (aware-in-IS) you must first let go and move beyond ALL things that are not the source itself. This is how you eventually move to the source and the center of all things.

This means letting go of all identifications with material things, including your present body, your present identity and your identifications with the past. You are simply moving through this experience as the I AM, inside a human body and when you have fully let go of all things, you experience the I AM. When you are in the place of the I AM, you are not only aware-in-IS, but the word IS also means “I-IS” or EYES. Higher consciousness is about having a higher degree of perception or “EYES” through which to perceive at the highest levels. Only when you have let go of lower (or more accurately, outer) level identifications can you perceive at the highest (or more accurately, central) levels of being.

Letting go is only the first stage. Previously I thought it was the final stage to discovering the center of all things, or what has also been called the kingdom or the heaven, or the nirvana or the heaven on Earth.  But letting go is only stage 1 of the process. When you finally reach the center of all things, much is still being created from the source and much is still being drawn to the source.

So first – you have to let yourself be fully absorbed by the source, that means not only letting go of everything you are not, but that also means ACCEPTING the overwhelming love you experience as you burn up in the power of the Source itself – free from any construction. Being loved in an overwhelming and COMPLETE way may sound easy – but actually if you have any resistance to the idea of accepting yourself, you cannot fully be accepted by Source. This is not like a parent accepting a child .. this is more like a fire accepting a log.. the log literally becomes the fire. But if the log is wet, it must be “prepared” before it can be accepted to be burned in the fire. In the case of the log, preparation means becoming dry. In the case of a person, preparation means becoming the person you accept fully, so that you can enter source fully. Unlike a log that is consumed by the principles of nature, a Soul enters source fully ONLY when it gives full and complete permission for itself to be consumed!

Secondly – acceptance goes the other way as well. Once you are standing in source, all creations are drawn to source, like a LIGHT. You cannot stand as a radiant light of Source IF you are not accepting all forms that are being drawn into the light. Any form you do not accept is like turning away a creation of God with a purpose – that hurts the creation! To the creation, that’s like a rejection from God! Because when you stand in or close to Source / Creator energy, you grow into a physical expression of pure energy / love, which is ultimately what all creations want- to be loved and appreciated at the highest level. But to exist as pure love and source energy, you must truly accept all forms as they are , not as you wish them to be.
Accepting forms does not mean that they do not change or that they should not change. The goal of all creation is for that which is created to match the highest level vibration of its potential, it’s purpose and reason for being! But very often creations get “stuck” at certain energy vibrations and it’s quite possible the most stubborn of Souls will only change through acceptance of their current vibration FIRST! Upon being accepted, they are accurately reflected by the EYES of awareness (I-IS / aware-in-eyes / aware-in-I-IS) and can then see themselves as they truly are, free from defending themselves against judgment or rejection. And in that moment they can achieve a higher awareness of themselves and this (acceptance) can be the spark that will cause them to initiate change upon themselves. Acceptance of who they are while simultaneously witnessing who they can be (their potential!), can cause them to shift into the person whom they can accept fully. Awareness does all the work on both sides!

Acceptance is also known as love. And acceptance flows both ways – from Source to creation and from creation to Source. And in ALL forms – meaning, even the least among you either in rank, or furthest from Source. Even the evil are only evil because their awareness has dimmed to the point of darkness, but they are still creations of source and therefore are deserving and do receive love. They just don’t have the awareness to accept it.

The path to accepting love for many people is closed or very narrowly accepted. This is especially true the further you are from Source. This is so that a Soul does not feel overwhelmed or scared by the overwhelming source energy (love) that wants to flow in. This numbness to feeling occurs because at some point the Soul and its heart was open, and then it was hurt and it closed off from feeling as a way to protect itself. The heart opening is really the process of letting go of all previous pain and any feelings associated with attachment to past: regret, guilt, shame, anger, etc. so that you can re-experience the freedom of feeling and love flowing in.
Because source energy can make a person feel completely naked, vulnerable, exposed (and they feel this is dangerous) they prefer the safety and comfort of being closed off. But what I teach people through heart clearing is that once you re-open to the energy field that surrounds you, YES new storms will come, but you also know that by staying open, it will pass through again! Acceptance to all forms means ALLOWING source energy to flow in, in all forms. When you finally surrender to the flow coming in, this is a time of pure ecstasy! Having awareness of all the energies of form, will help you to know Source at the highest level.

The power to change the world begins with accepting it as it ISssssssss! And while standing in the truth of your purpose for being, powered by Source energy at the highest level, you have the power to change the world and simultaneously are changing the universe. Because the world is apart of source and by source energy entering it more fully, it realizes the purpose of its creation!!
The keys?

First you must allow source energy to flow into your heart in its entirety. This means allowing love to flow through you in ALL forms that its expressed. Including right now.

This writing is a form of pure love – do you accept?

Second accept whatever your role, whatever your purpose, whatever your reason for being, no matter how small or GREAT (usually it is GREAT beyond imagination!) – accept it as it IS.

Then accept all forms that will flow towards you, for they are journeying towards the light , to the IS , I-IS or EYES of consciousness that will reveal their purpose and give them the power to realize it at their full potential. When you stand in the center of all things – that is YOU.

#3 Give 100% to All Forms as Self
Beyond simply letting go and standing in the glorious center of everything , and accepting that love into your heart – is to then become a physical manifestation of that love and GIVE back to all forms.

The idea of giving to others as you would your self may sound a little trite. But when you have freed yourself from all forms and when you accept all forms, you realize through the power of unification that you ARE all forms. And so through giving through your individual vehicle you are simply adding value to your greater (the non-individualized) self. The product of the IS, is all creations and from higher awareness, you realize you are simply giving back to your self.

IS is always in a mode of creation. It’s never complete. But what is it always creating? A creator / God worth knowing!

All creations at their highest potential lead back to source – through inspiring and awakening. Awakening means to feel again. To feel again means to let go of everything you are not, including past hurt or pain. To let go fully allows you to grow in the knowing of a Source, through feeling.

Through feeling you find your way back to Source energy, and you become the person you can accept fully, so that you can allow yourself to receive the love of Creator / Source fully in your heart and every fiber of your being. To remain in the Source space you must accept all forms that are still on their way, remember that Source says “Even the least among you I count among my creations, and you therefore receive my love” , Aware-in-I-IS / Aware-in-Eyes doesn’t see things as they are, it sees the highest purpose and potential of its creations. From the place of Aware-in-IS / Aware-in-Eyes you can give 100% at your Full Potential, literally living-UP to the purpose and reason for your existence.  And when you give at 100% with awareness, this is no small feat. You give as a loving God would give. The power of God literally flowing through the individual creation as it’s instrument in form.

To truly be an instrument means you have FULLY allowed yourself to conform to the design of your purpose. This is the ultimate surrender.

You only allow yourself to fully conform as an instrument when
1 – You have let go of everything that you are not.
2 – You ACCEPT the breath of true life to enter you fully (from all directions) so that
3 – What comes out (the gift) is the sweet music of Source to be shared with ALL in the PHYSICAL EXPRESSION of a God worth knowing.

This shows up in an infinite variety of forms, but all physical manifestations from Source match the vibration of a heavenly dimension. This is how we know we succeeded in living our full potential as a planet: when we have collectively created a heaven on Earth! A manifestation of “heavenly energy” or source energy, eventually reflects itself in all its creations / ALL FORMS when they are existing at the highest level of their purpose and potential!

This does not mean duplicating a heaven that exists somewhere else, it simply means reflecting the heavenly energy that expresses itself when we are most aligned with the intentions of Source. We are creating the very FIRST heaven on Earth. This is why we must accept all forms as they are now – we cannot WAIT for them to be heavenly reflections. They will only become heavenly reflections when we go through the process of:

(1) Letting Go
(2) Accepting All Forms
(3) Giving to All Forms as Self

In this process we eventually allow ALL FORMS to conform to the instruments that serve their highest purpose and ultimately create heavenly reflections! A heaven on Earth is our responsibility as we become the purest version of Source in physical form, as what was intended, when we popped out of the ISssss into creation. And now… here we are.