Many expect for God or Jesus to come as perfection. But it is through the imperfection, imperfection is understood
And through loving the ‘individual’ self through imperfection, it is possible to love others And in loving others through imperfection, the entire ‘self’ is understood and accepted; the illusion of separateness is overcome.

If God is the whole, and the parts be imperfect, then true God IS / BEING through its imperfect parts ..not so that love be understood through perfection, BUT SO THAT LOVE BE UNDERSTOOD THROUGH IMPERFECTION.

ENERGY was allowed to fall (aka Lucifer) so that highest consciousness could go through the process of accepting and loving its ‘imperfections’ – to refind itself in even the most challenging of forms.

“Even the least among you I count among my creations, and you therefore receive my love.”
Its easy to love perfection, but it takes courage, strength, discipline: REAL HEART to love through imperfection (THE WORK) – and in doing, we make ourself (THE SELF) whole again.