The Full Potential Diet

Eat and drink for energy, not for taste.

This little shift can be the tail that wags the dog on everything else in your life.

Obviously you can still splurge and enjoy treats, but when long-term, sustainable, non-spikey energy (caused sugar or energy drinks) becomes the priority, you have a foundation of higher energy to draw from in everything else you do.

FULL POTENTIAL DIET – in a nutshell:
– add green leafy vegetables to breakfast (yes), lunch and dinner
– plant based, alive foods – fruits and vegetables
– drink plenty of water (with lemon to make it alkaline)
– add protein from plants, beans or nuts wherever you can (it helps your body from craving meat or looking famished)

– avoid heavy foods (foods that take a long time to digest, yes including meats), over-eating , sugars and processed foods
Many people KNOW these,  but few people practice it.. Tackle the obstacles and excuses BEFORE they come up. Here are some top ones:
– “It’s not convenient to eat healthy”: find your sources of healthy food, plan where to buy, when to buy and how to carry it with you. Make it a game to find and make it happen!
– “It’s too expensive” : base level energy from green leafy foods, water and many other plant-based foods is not that expensive. And calculate the savings over disease (out of work) / health care, medicines etc. on poor choices to get real costs.
– “It’s hard when everyone around me is eating badly or criticizin
g”: decide to be an energy leader, dare to be different and as the leader you are always alone at first.
– “It’s my culture to eat this way, it’s hard to change” : Unless your culture is the epitome of health, using a large group of people as validation for the correctness of something is a historically proven bad strategy.
What other top excuses have you heard? How would you respond to them? Comment below smile emoticon