It’s TRUST that makes the world go round.

Without trust, everything comes to a grinding halt. You might feel safe at first because you took no risks, but with no risk, comes isolation, boredom, stagnation and death.

Without trust, no person would ever be hired.. you either do nothing or do it all yourself.

Without trust, no sale would ever happen, because someone must first act in good faith FIRST (either the buyer paying the money or seller delivering the product or service)

Without trust, no project would even be started. You have to act in faith before you see a result.

Key takeaways:

1) You must take chances to get more done, faster.
2) You must trust to realize greater cooperation, adventure and freedom
3) Even if you get burned, don’t stop giving new people chances.
They are not all the same. Trust in smarter ways.. TRUST but verify.
4) Words are cheap, the best way to know a person is to look at how they use their resources: time, energy, money etc. This is why track record and reputation are so important.