Seed of Intention


Seeds get planted through intention – the purer the intention, the better the quality.
And nurtured in the faith that something good will come out of it even when see nothing, though we are investing much into it.
The ‘result’ is an inevitable conclusion of applied faith. All effects have their root in causes, this is an inescapable law. The ‘secret’ is that not all causes are seen or so directly and easily linked to outcomes.
Rarely is there a direct path to any kind of ‘success’.
Therefore, we control a lot less than we would like to admit. However, we can greatly improve our probability of great outcomes if we start with great seed.
The way to purifying intention is to tune into a vision about something much greater than yourself, from a place of love, sincere compassion and care.
Your survival and enjoyment was ensured through the universal principle: life supports life that supports life.