For the Love of Love

In the old world vs the new world..
You have people with love and no power
Or people with power and no love.
I am talking on a global scale.
And the next phase of our evolution is to have power WITH love. We are destined for a time when for the entire planet, from leadership on down, the love of LOVE is greater than the love for POWER.
But first in order to get there, we must make sure we do not repel power as bad or unwanted, but as a necessary tool and instrument for loving on a bigger scale and correcting the disharmony caused by love of power for Self alone
We must also be aware that the love of POWER FOR LOVE , must always be greater than the love of power.
We must also accept that as power grows, even if its for love, it will at first be perceived as a threat and may confront existing powers that might seek to destroy it.
But love of power for love, transcends the Self and is therefore more powerful than love of power alone. This means even if the leadership of this MOVEMENT be destroyed, the flow keeps going. And the fire of love of power for love, once started and once strengthened to a point, will be inextinguishable.. And incorruptible.