Ego Dynamics

When you look at your body, your Ego’s sense of self appears relatively stable and unchanging. For example, only changing as you change clothes, gain or lose weight, etc. But the reality is the Ego self expands or contracts a great deal even from moment to moment. Experiencing pleasure on inflation from things like praise, material gain, higher status and association with fame, fortune, power, etc. It experiences pain from the opposite, insults, material loss, lower status, associated with outcasts, poverty, powerlessness, etc.

It is often more painful for the Ego to first expand and then shrink, than it is to simply remain small and unchanged. This is why many people fear taking action – better to remain unchanged than to risk a contracting concept of self.

Protecting the self image is such a vital part of the Ego’s survival that it has built in ‘defense mechanisms’ to protect it. Any time the Ego feels threatened it reacts. These reactions can show up in a variety of emotions and behaviors, but the goal is always the same: maintain or expand the concept of self, avoid shrinking at all costs. The infinite variety of human behaviors can be explained by this simple Ego dynamic!

Now here’s where it gets interesting. When you understand the Ego dynamic and when you can observe it WHILE if is happening (all the time), you then have the awareness to step outside of it.

What this means is two fold:
1 – You are not the Ego
2 – You do not have to suffer with it

You can play with it, love it and enjoy the avatar that you experience life through – without getting caught up in the drama! When you believe you are your Ego, you get caught up in the emotion of protecting it. But when you know you are so much more than that, you are liberated to grow your spirit, in spite of your Ego fears about life. Ultimately the same dynamic of expansion and contraction is present in our spiritual selves as well: our Souls want to expand and avoid contraction. But often the way we grow in Spirit contradicts the Ego. What the Ego wants may be bad for spiritual growth and what the Soul needs may cause the Ego to shrink. In fact, Soul growth often requires that our old Ego gets destroyed entirely at first! .. And then rebuilt from consciousness. The Ego will resist this process to the death – literally it will feel as though it is dying. We are talking about an Ego dynamic that will do almost anything to preserve or expand its concept of self. Look over the history of the human drama – wars, murders, theft, etc. the Ego is playing a very serious game and does not give up power and control very easily.

Step outside of the Ego and you can watch it expand and contract like the wind. Watch as someone insults it or it loses money or makes a mistake. Love it through this process. Now watch as it glorifies itself in praise, material gain and the validation of others. Love it through the process.

The Ego is a vehicle through which your Soul gets polished into a state of love, the only thing that is real and enduring in this entire universe. By looking upon the Ego as a child in need of love, you can fill it up. And by looking at all humans as victims of their own Ego until they too can step outside of their own Ego dynamics, you can give them love and fill them up too!

Then when we have all stripped down our Egos, and burned up all the fear driven structures and rebuilt our Egos on a strong foundation of love, confidence, happiness, positivity, zest for a high value life and contribution – we can start working in harmony and raising the energy of the planet. Until this becomes the new standard for Ego construction-especially during childhood, we will continue to have a planet dominated by Ego games.
But now you can wake up my friends. Get off the emotional roller coaster of expanding and contracting like the wind within the limiting and needy confinements of your Ego’s fragile concept of self.

Wake up inside the living shell and allow your awareness to expand beyond its walls. Use the heart as a home base and platform for this expansion of awareness energy. Allow the old Ego to surrender and implode into itself inside of this new heart energy. It will be scary at first. As you will no longer have a strong sense of identity, other than as an aware, loving and growing Soul. Then from this freedom you can reconstruct the Ego in any way that you wish. Just know that this time you are in control of its construction and that its past is nothing more than a series of events on its timeline that may no longer have much relevance to the newly constructed self.

Keep in mind that the Ego will still have its old dynamics of seeking expansion and preservation above all else, resisting contraction and feeling bad when it does get smaller. But if you maintain your awareness through it, you will find yourself amused and curious as your Ego goes about its day, occasionally suffering through the human drama.. But you will not be part of it.

And when you look upon another human being you will not see the physical shells constructed by their ancient DNA of this planet, you will see into their eyes and connect with their Heart and Soul and for a moment, if you allow yourselves, you will be connected through heart energy.
The Ego usually perceives this kind of eye contact as either a threat or sexual advance and it can be a confusing energy at first.. But with practice our perception of this energy can be refined and we will embrace this new way of seeing and being seen.

Remember that
– You are not your Ego
– You do not have to suffer with it
– You can love it on the way up or down, it does not matter
– You can burn and rebuild the Ego with awareness, will power and discipline
– If your Ego’s story is no longer relevant to its new construction, let it go.
– With a clear heart you can feel other people’s heart energy more clearly
– Be willing to share prolonged eye contact to look beyond the surface and feel a connection in the heart space. This can be a very refreshing, regenerating and invigorating spiritual exercise.
– You will discover that love and connection are actually the easiest things in the world, when we drop all the things that our Ego uses to block it. Indeed, love and our awareness of it, is the only REAL thing that exists outside of the material / illusionary universe, in which we get to work this truth out through our experiences.