Retrain your brain by regularly asking: “What is the highest value thing I can focus on right now?”

Getting good at prioritizing value from the infinite number of choices available is a combination of imagination, intuition and intelligence.

Imagination helps you to construct an alternate future reality based on consequences of your actions now. You get better at imagining and predicting future scenarios when you use a longer time perspective.

Intuition feels out these constructed scenarios on an emotional level rather than logic, and helps you move to the areas where you feel the highest energy vibration on FAITH.

Intelligence helps you to plan and organize the steps, avoid waste and learn from mistakes (without self judgement), making your journey to the summits of high value, possible.

— Don’t fall into the trap of overdoing or overachieving though. Sometimes the highest value thing you can do is relax, recenter and reconnect with your higher self.

When the torch goes out, the highest value thing is not to try to cover more ground in the dark, but to relight it.