The Art of Pain


Trusting the universe does not mean a pain-free journey. It means trusting that everything that shows up is leading you on your highest path. Right this moment.
Pain is just one of many useful teachers. Some teachers don’t go away until you listen and feel their message. Some teachers become louder and more insistent UNTIL you hear their message. Some teachers accumulate into the present moment, requiring you deal with multiple lessons at once, which is why many people avoid being present!
This life is not about a pain-free existence, it’s about the LOVE of life using every tool available, including pain to raise your energy vibration and grow your spirit. Listen to your teachers in every moment. Graduate and come ‘home’ into the NOW .. Now. Don’t wait until physical death to be liberated from life.
It’s all a game and games are supposed to be fun, don’t fear the challenge or how realistic it all seems. Your character is NOT you. But it certainly feels pain. Have love and compassion for it and move on to higher levels of being, from the heart, in this moment, right here, right now.. Home.