Thanks for the overwhelming positive response. I feel like I am celebrating life and change with a wonderful and supportive group of friends and family..

The relationship I am in now makes my life feel more simplified and is stabilising.. allowing me to focus my energies where I need to on a bigger mission. Even though it can seem a little crazy and fast.

It’s interesting how my perspective on this has evolved over the years from wanting absolute freedom .. to open relationships to now a deeper commitment.

I feel like my reality now has a lot to do with me.. my openness .. and universal timing .. as my heart continues to open so does my desire for greater intimacy and I feel that in order for deep levels of intimacy to thrive it requires a safe container.

I am very grateful for the loving relationships I have had in my journey of evolving into what feels like the most beautiful path I have ever been on.. and very sorry for the pains I have caused along the way out of ignorance, poor choices or just not right timing.

In this journey I have learned that romantic love is actually very abundant .. the challenge is having two open and non resisting hearts at the same time.. and from there, sharing so many values that both the present and the long term trajectory feels really compatible. Then moving with conviction to design a life together.. where before I think I had many doubts and fears from previous pains I had not cleared and that hesitation can allow fear to grow and cast a shadow over love. I now confidently let my loving light shine.

I hope this share is helpful as I could not have imagined my perspective on love and commitment would have shifted so dramatically in such a short time . And I really do want those I have loved to know how deeply meaningful our connections have been and still are.