Inertia is a force that governs the way matter behaves. In a ‘social’ context it is the force that often times governs the way you behave in social settings. By becoming aware of social inertia you can radically change your approach to social situations and achieve a higher level of success in your interactions with other human beings.


Inertia – inertness, esp. with regard to effort, motion, action, and the like; inactivity; sluggishness.

Newton’s first law of motion states that “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.”


It has been my observation that because our bodies are made up of matter we are vulnerable to all of its laws. What applies to matter ‘out there’ also applies to the matter that makes up 100% of our body.

Among laws like gravity (the force pulling our bodies down), or entropy (the force that causes our bodies to age), we are also greatly influenced by inertia – the force that dictates an objects momentum; if at rest it’s easier to stay at rest – if in motion it’s easier to stay in motion.

In a very practical sense – if you do not interact with people very often, it’s EASIER for you NOT to interact. If you do interact with people on a regular basis, it’s EASIER for you to interact. And here’s the kicker – social inertia appears to reset EVERY DAY and sometimes only in a matter of hours. Here’s what I mean.


I find that when I first wake up in the morning social inertia has crept into my psyche. Yes I can say hello and be polite but when it comes to interacting beyond just politeness, what I call a quality interaction, especially with regards to interacting with the opposite sex it takes a little ‘revving up’.

Now of course some people are just more naturally talented in social settings or their aptitude for socializing has been going for so long its more hardwired into their system. But for many – it’s the force of social inertia that creates a wall to more quality interactions in greater quantity – especially with regards to dating, attraction and the like.


Once you understand the concept of social inertia – you realize that your ‘shyness’ or excuses for not communicating with people really just stems from not doing it on a regular basis. You can set the force of social inertia in your favor every day by communicating with everybody you meet. And if you find it difficult to communicate with the opposite sex – you can start in small indirect ways by asking “what is the time?” or “where is this street?” and even these interactions begin to move the ball of social inertia.


Notice when it was easier in the day to interact. Sometimes within just a few hours of the ball of social inertia will have started to slow down and suddenly you might be a bit more withdrawn again.

If you truly wish to make new friends, business connections and create more opportunities for love in your life – keep the ball of social inertia moving by taking little opportunities to connect with people. Don’t judge them based on attractiveness – every person you connect with will keep the ball of social inertia moving and when you come across someone you are attracted to you can direct the conversation a bit more towards whatever end you wish.

The overriding point here is to KEEP THE BALL OF SOCIAL INERTIA MOVING. It is my observation that most people never even get it moving and so they call themselves “shy” as a way to rationalize it. Or they don’t move it for most of the week and then they try to go out on a Friday or Saturday night and get all nervous, drink alcohol and hope someone will come talk to them.

Don’t rationalize why you’re not communicating with others – this is a trick of the brain! (The logical brain creates stories to ‘fill in the gaps’ for why the more ancient emotional or instinctive parts of itself react the way they do.)


When you keep the ball of social inertia moving you’ll acquire a new self image (no matter what your old self image). Why? Because you’ll have new competencies in social interaction and as your skill level improves you’ll have increasing confidence in your ability to communicate. The cycle becomes viciously positively – positive feedback becomes the reward for reaching out.


In human society, there is not much reward for remaining reclusive. A socially successful person will meet many new friends, many new potential business partners and will have a greater selection of potential mates.

Every day make it a point to get the ball of social inertia moving. Begin with the next person you make eye contact with.