Self Awareness of Emotions and Space
When you allow awareness to expand to see all things, you must be prepared to see things you do not like. This comes with the process. Even if it’s painful or difficult, you must feel your way through so that you may continue to grow. To grow and grow in awareness is what it means to become a great spirit. Not in status, role or resources. But simply in expanded awareness.

To allow yourself to be vulnerable in the face of growing sensitivity is something at first I thought made me weaker, but now I realize, to stand in that vulnerability without backing down is what helps you grow stronger as a spiritual warrior. Strength is not avoidance of feeling, its embracing feeling even when it feels like the flow is tearing you apart.

Two big realizations I have had in my own journey of expansion: I had an infinite capacity to GIVE love, but I was not fully allowing myself to receive love. As much work as I was doing in the Heartclearing space, and as much as I allowed myself to clear, I had not fully allowed myself to receive love, or see the love others were given to me- and so I could not fully appreciate them and their love, in the many forms they express it, including the people that are loyal in their working with me. For this I am deeply sorry and have now allowed myself to start feeling and APPRECIATING the love they are showing me through their work, through their integrity through their ongoing efforts to express love in the ways they know how. WOW to receive this love in full is not only overwhelming but amazing.. And now I can appreciate on a deeper level, this I promise. Because now I can feel it, I can receive it, and I can see that yes, I even needed it. To accept that I needed love, is the hardest thing of all, because it means that something I actually need very much is outside my control.

I had strategies for attempting to receive love in safe ways like getting attention for good things I do or in dating and attracting women (plural). But I realized that especially when it came to dating, I was not always being sensitive to other people’s feelings because I HAD NO IDEA HOW MUCH THEY NEEDED LOVE TOO.. And I controlled when I gave and when I stopped giving and their need felt good. I could not understand their need (and the pain when it came in spurts) into compassion because I was not fully allowing myself to feel and see how much I had that need myself. It’s amazing how much you will rationalize your behavior in order to see yourself in a positive light, but fearless awareness means allowing yourself to see yourself free of rationalization, from the perspective of another person.. And feel what they feel in response to your behavior. This shifts you from being a construction that lives in an illusion, to being real and seeing beyond the lie.

Second realization: there is order in space.

I used to take space for granted.. Everyone close to me knows James for being messy and I rationalized this was because I was too busy organizing my mental space and living in the 4th dimension and beyond.

Now I realize that from the top on down.. From the macro to the micro there is order in space.. A divine order. And although a physical space at the highest level often gets confused to mean an opulent or wealthy space.. It actually just means allowing maximum flow and harmony and this can be achieved very inexpensively and resourcefully.. Combining elements of minimalism, nature and water. In fact, to do this resourcefully is actually part of the divine order and flows with the primary habit of the universe: to do things with maximum effectiveness and minimal waste.

Although this seems like a small insight, this is going to have a profound impact on not only how I organize my personal space, but the degree of care I will give to all physical spaces within our control and influence going forward. No more disorder or disharmony. There is to be flow from the top down..

From the spiritual dimensions into our physical spaces.. And allow our physical spaces to be reminders of the flow state we experienced even if we fall out of the flow. In fact, if we succeed in organizing our physical environments in such a way as to fully express flow, it will be harder to fall out of flow and easier to get back into it. There is order in space, a divine order. We must simply allow flow to flow through us and become organizers of the physical spaces around us to express this flow.

Art, music and scent are all part of the texture of the physical space and an important part of the overall energy we feel from a space.

We can elevate other souls and the vibration of this planet by elevating the energy vibration of our physical spaces!

Key points:
1- Allow awareness to keep expanding through feeling and do not be afraid of pain or fear or self-judgement when you ‘see the light’
2- Allowing yourself to receive love fully can often be many times harder than giving love, because we do not always control it. And we might have interesting strategies for gaining attention or interest in ways that might feel like love, but are not direct paths in the heart space.
3- There is order in space, a divine order. Let us treat our physical spaces as opportunities to elevate energy and remind ourselves of the loving flow and harmony. Remember, we can do this very simply and resourcefully.