Remember people that just because we live in a system where the majority of people at the bottom live in money scarcity BY DESIGN, the world is full of abundance in RESOURCES.

The fact that as long as we have the ability to travel freely (we are not enslaved or oppressed) .. we can find a piece of ground to sleep on, we can build a very cheap shelter that will at least keep us dry and make the ground more comfortable. We can live on very little food and as long as we have a water filter we are golden as far as survival is concerned: food, water, shelter, safety.

With just a little more investment we can secure a solar cell big enough to charge a phone or tablet, utilize a cell signal and stay connected to modern society if we want.

So whats the big deal? Why is there such a huge sacrifice of time and potential going into money for survival? I am not saying we don’t need money, I am just saying we don’t need much of it in exchange for the basic resources that allow us to be free.

Ultimately this is what I am working on in Costa Rica and soon globally, I want to create a new village structure around the world, millions of inexpensive homes .. with the core necessities done as resourcefully and as esthetically appealing as possible .. so we don’t associate cheap with cheap in quality or appearance.. which is a trick to get you to need more money.

I see many people’s self-image and self-worth tied to net worth. I used to be a victim of this mentality. I can say this is the beginning of your virtual enslavement.

I have offered many people opportunities to have all their basic necessities covered and live in paradise to create something beautiful together.. the one thing that holds them back is ‘the need for more money’

Then I read articles about the trillions of dollars that are basically stagnant as investors wait and watch for coming elections and are scared of market uncertainties. I read about outrageously expensive Gala events with the appearance of fund raising to save the planet and then when you dig deeper you smell the same corruption under a different brand. Just because the labels on a product changed does not mean the product has changed. Used properly this currency could be utilized for real world resources.. and these resources could be organized to better all life and humanity in epically global ways!! So why not? Fear, greed, limited imagination.. its time to open to the possibility of a better way, and redefine ROI to mean RETURN ON IMAGINATION. Setting our sights on a brighter future and let investments flow into it as a natural part of creating it.

If people could realize that a ‘worst case scenario’ for most of us, as long as we are willing to learn, contribute and invest our time wisely.. is not a worst-case scenario at all, and could yield a life far better than the one you are living now.. I feel we could all step out from under the shadow of fear, rise taller than our distractions and captivators and get out of our virtual captivity.

If you think about it, with the amount of time most people spend on screens now and the ability for most agencies to see through your screens and watch you.. we live in a kind of giant zoo. Only most of the once ‘wild animals’ tranquilize themselves and the few truly wild ones that escape are either caught and force fed their tranquilizers (for everyones safety of course) .. or simply not seen or heard from (being so off-grid) that its hard for any of the animals still in captivity to imagine such freedom exists and is SO accessible.

Beyond my intuitive sense the economic world we live in is collapsing, look at the evidence its everywhere. I won’t go into the stats of how much debt most nations or individuals are in, I will simply point out that the fundamental structure of capitalism is that there has to be DEBT for economic expansion .. and that the issuance of loans is the means through which the economic system does not crash.

The fact that all the central banks are now loaning at a rate that is so outrageously beyond comprehension is the biggest evidence we have that the dam has already broken and just because the full destruction of flood has not reached us yet, does not mean its not coming.

The smart ones are preparing before it gets here. The ignorant ones get to live in bliss before it arrives.

On a brighter side, the point of all this is that we CAN be much more prepared. We can create a new reality, an abundant life that operates on the premise that there are enough resources for everyone.. and the billions of people to follow us.

Do not fear the incredible human population boom when you consider that everyone in the world could be packed into a land mass the size of New Zealand at a New York level density, which would mean the rest of the world would be all open , uninhabited land. New York is not even that green yet, soon buildings will be fully self recycling systems that produce their own organic food, power and treat their own water .. plus cities will have flying drones that cut city commute down to 0. And most commuting will be done virtually anyway. This does not include the robotic and artificial intelligence revolution that is happening now either. Managed correctly these technologies could end the enslavements of humans from doing any task they don’t want to do, managed poorly and from fear and it could be the end of humanity, or at the least the majority (anyone who does not control the strongest / smartest machines.) With the right intentions and resourcefulness even dense cities could be a utopia.

Not to mention we have not even fully conquered inhabiting the waters yet. Huge floating communities will be the norm. And the air! Giant blimps lifted by elements like hydrogen (safely) and propelled by Solar and wind. Imagine when country lines get blurred because everyone and their tribe is moving around like clouds? We wouldn’t feel like things are so ‘over there’ because we know we will be there soon! A feeling a traveler gets when they hear about some calamity in a place they just left, or they are about to arrive to. We feel more connected and therefore more CARING.

Because all significance is relative.. to where you are and how close it strikes to your core- if this world of abundance was closer than you could imagine (you are standing on it right now) and the future I am describing could happen faster than any of us could predict … you could start to care about how it would effect you very much and step out of the human zoo and get busy on being part of the solution.

The advantage of a huge human population is that we have a bigger neural network than we have ever had since the origin of the human species. And networks like an interconnected human brain network, only grow more valuable with each member that gets added to it. When you consider the fact that human species are the most advanced on the planet because of our ability to connect, collaborate and communicate .. you can see our abilities to come up with even greater solutions grows. And it is our sophisticated communications that has allowed us to develop a deep level of consciousness, both in the social realities we construct as well as the inner ones we explore .. think how much your thinking runs with an inner voice and words. As our language and communication continues to evolve the depth of our consciousness and thinking powers will too. Depopulation should never be considered a solution.. thats like saying if we run out of space on our computer the best solution is to delete most of our files. What if we like the files.. or more importantly, the files are living breathing entities that want to live? Perhaps a better solution is expansion of the space .. the universe is already expanding.. infinitely. We should trust in our abilities to leave this planet and expand into universal space soon and know the abundance of Souls on this planet right now are here for a reason.. its not an accident, we are undergoing a huge universal event and a huge audience of Souls has built up to witness it!

We have no choice now but to think and act BIG.. the next chapter, the one that has already started will be the end of starvation, wars, homelessness, poverty, self-loathing, depression etc. or the end of us. I put my bets and energy on creating an environment full of love, compassion and abundance for all!