When two or more people come together in a “relationship” they actually begin building something in the 4th dimension, outside of what you can see.

The longer they live or work together, the more they add on to this “energy structure”. But unlike creating a structure like a house in the 3rd dimension, it requires a much higher level of trust and love in the 4th dimension. That’s because the structure you are creating requires more than one person to maintain it.. and the pain of that collapsing because one person pulls out is very real on an emotional level. But the joy of creating an energy greater than what you could build alone is the reason why we start the process. And trust is the only reason why we continue to build, despite the potential for pain.

Lastly, you have to know that you will survive if there is a collapse in this higher level structure. Letting go after a painful breach of trust, allows you to construct somewhere else with a full heart. OR allows you to rebuild with a full heart. It requires a full heart .. a heart full of loving energy, if you want to build in the 4th dimension at your full potential.