I usually set aside time for reflection on a daily basis. I noticed over the last week that it’s been a week since I’ve gotten my last journal entry. It’s amazing becauseEdit normally I am on top of this in time appears to go blazing fast especially when not reflecting. 

I find myself wanting to share more of these reflections on my site here. Rather than just providing teachings I want to share more of myself, and let you into my inner world. I feel like it will help you make sense, and give context to the teachings that I want to share. And it will help you follow along in my journey, like were in this together and you’re not just getting the final product.

So from this day forth I am not just going to be providing teachings, but I’m gonna be providing a inner context for how these teachings evolve. And will be inviting you on the journey of my life wherever it will take us.

But first I also think it’s important that you understand more about my history and the trajectory of my path. So more on this will be coming soon perhaps a highlighted version but nevertheless it will give historical context for where I am today and where I am going.

I think I used to shy away from sharing this information because it seemed a bit like ego. And I will try to avoid the ego. But sometimes the ego is also about the avoidance of sharing. Sometimes you ego wants to only share selectively. Sometimes the ego avoids real. And so by confronting real we also train our ego. And we also share a deeper part of ourselves and give people (Souls) an opportunity to do the same thing with their own ego.

You know it’s funny because when I do these journal rights I never really know who is going to read it and if it will even matter. But I think that’s the point just carry forward with the work and don’t be so hung up on what people will say or if it will even be appreciated. If you appreciate creating the work and do it. And if others appreciate along the way, consider that a bonus.

So this is essentially day one of me turning a new leaf and how I do these posts. And I invite you along for the journey, please sign up for the newsletter as I will be doing regular updates here soon that will update your email box. If you aren’t sure how to update for the newsletter because it hasn’t its not clear on the site or whatever, just email me at James@jamesrick.com .. And I will add you up

I look forward to sharing my journey in learning more about yours and building a dream called a better ‘plan it’ together.