Productivity in today’s age is typically defined as output of some kind of work in exchange for some kind of reward (like money or status). Beyond mere output of work for some kind of tangible / social reward, what is productive?
After a few days of pondering this question the answer came back: DISCIPLINE vs DISTRACTION. This makes all the difference. In every moment you can evaluate your actions as either disciplined or distracted. Disciplined action is deliberate, decisive and diligently carried out.
Even enjoyment, recreation and pleasure can be considered disciplined if you allow yourself to focus and appreciate it. And even something you might consider a distraction such as entertainment, can still be a form of disciplined behavior, if you planned it after carrying out the higher value things you intended. Distraction is everything else that unfolds when you’re not paying attention.
When you start viewing yourself through a lens of “Am I being disciplined? or Am I being distracted?” You realize how quickly you go from disciplined one moment, to distracted the next. So its not like you just push a button and you’re disciplined for 2 hours straight. It takes effort, in some cases an adjustment is made many times in a single minute!Is this hard work? Sure, but that’s what it means to be productive. To be diligent in your work to move beyond simply a distracted existence, to one that is more consciously in tune with what YOU define as DISCIPLINED for YOU! Not for any output of work, or for any status or money – which are often  byproducts of a disciplined person.. but for the sake of being disciplined because it feels good to you, even though nobody else can see it. That’s productivity! That’s using your time wisely!

Are you being disciplined or distracted right now? Condition yourself to ask this question many times throughout the day! Notice the strength you feel when you can answer back “I’m being disciplined, in my thoughts, my words and my actions, RIGHT NOW.”