Traditional capitalism is fundamentally wrong: The owner or executives of an organization believe that the organization’s sole purpose is to drive maximum profit for maximum personal gain. And that all the staff depend on THEM for their livelihood. Which entitles owners to believe they are already serving a good purpose by employing them and deserve the byproduct of their risk taking in the form of all remaining profit.

I see now that an organization is nothing without its people, that the owners depend on its people in equal proportion to their dependence on the owners, and that ultimately the people entrust the owners to use wisely all resources for the growth, advancement and betterment of the organization in the same way that all living cells depend on the brain and Ego to use all it’s life resources wisely.

We are all connected and we are all relying on each other to serve our roles in ways that best support each other, allows for even our individual spiritual mission to unfold as the organization carries out a mission that best supports the planet.
Profit or financial resources are the only food that keeps the organizational body running and one rogue (selfish) cell at any level, can bring down or limit the whole beautiful system of cooperation.