Open Doors


There is always another ‘door’ to open. And with each level, more freedom.
It’s the belief that we have arrived or the desire to stay comfortable that keeps us from exploring more. Each crossing brings us something new, different and unexpected. It also causes us to feel more, at a time when we just got comfortable managing how we were feeling at the last level.

Why keep pushing? Why keep expanding? Because with each new door opened we experience new freedoms and feelings we did not have before and we realize though it may be hard we are always equipped to handle what’s on the other side as long as we stay aware.

Expansion is infinite. And thank God, we would get bored without it. And it keeps us humble.. we are always acting as both a teacher for the levels before us and as a student for the levels we have not reached yet.

The key points: keep going, stay open, stay humble and master any fear that stops you from moving forward into what you intuitively know is right.