Time and SpaceWithout time, it IS all one! Everything would be packed together and there would be nothing to move through. Space / Time allows for separateness to exist; for entities higher in consciousness (the created) to experience moving through the creation. Strip away time, and we are at the zero point, where everything and nothing exists at the same time.
Our concept of being separate is actually upheld not by distance, but by the space we travel through known as time. And time as know is not a consistently measurable thing, but a relative thing. Meaning the illusion of space and time itself depends on where you are in the universe (to observe it) and how fast you are moving through ‘it’, relative to ‘it’.

Rather than viewing your Self of matter moving from physical point A to point B, it may be more accurate to observe a spiritual Self moving from one energetic vibration to another and the physical conditions of this ‘short life’ or journey through this ‘space’ (the 3 dimensional reality we live in now) .. ‘over time’ reflecting the energy field of ‘you’ that travels through it.

In short, we are oneness, experiencing separateness to travel through ourselves, and the ‘outer’ experience, ultimately becomes a reflection of the consciousness that moves through it. Be the highest level vibration you can and you will experience a living and very connected ‘world’ that shifts to a higher level vibration in response.