Pain and Ego
The universe is not complicated, it is us thinking that makes it so.

Complication is necessary for procrastination. When the truth is simple and in front of you, the next steps (no matter how uncomfortable) become obvious and undeniable. For the Ego, it’s better to complicate things, and distract itself than to cross a bridge over a fire that may burn it up in the process. When the Ego burns up, massive change is INEVITABLE.

This is a primary reason why traditional therapy fails or takes a long time – defense mechanisms block the real work. Or why people claim to be “working on themselves” even though they avoid direct action to confront pain and fears – easier to live in the illusion of being productive about change than to actually change.

It’s easier to cover an illusion when the truth may feel like a fire for a little while. It’s hard to trust something you have never experienced before. But there is LIFE on the other side of the bridge. You just have to trust the process and feel your way across it. Only by having TRUST that the only thing that dies is NOT YOU.. Can you summon the courage to cross? No fire lasts forever, especially when you allow it to burn through all its fuel.

When you stop running from pain, you are empowered. When you feel your way through pain, you are present in the healing process and eventually you will find a clearing though it’s not easy! The bridge to cross is the path through pain, the one that most people avoid, especially since the Ego has placed warning signs and feels fear every time it approaches the entrance. But when you make it across – pain and fear are no longer effective limitations on the Soul.

This makes it easier to make future crossings between the state of Pure Being and the land of Ego. This gives the Soul freedom to dictate where and how it lives this life THROUGH the Ego, that becomes its faithful servant.

Take caution though: The Ego is ever ready to assume power if you let it. You must make frequent crossings to consistently REMEMBER who you truly are and elevate your consciousness above the level of Ego. Only then can you see everything more clearly.