Making a lot of important changes on how I do things .. including how I interact on Facebook. I realize how subconsciously I craved getting likes on my stuff. But then craving doesn’t feel good so I would want more or compare with others and I would get so far away from my original intention to simply share something of value.

Plus you can come on for a specific purpose like doing a message and then the wall distracts you!

So I decided I am going to be posting on here less.. and maybe just do videos and have someone else manage my postings so I cannot even see the likes..

I made an important agreement with myself a few days ago .. one that is already having a profound shift on how I feel and what I do: I AGREE TO NOT BE LIKED.

I feel liberated. Like I can love myself and be my truth and still love others even if they don’t like me for how I am. I realize that self love is all about making and keeping agreements with yourself.

More to come!