Join James Rick for a 2-Week Full Potential Mentorship In Costa Rica or Bali


Learn strategies for a level 10 life and business that you’ll have forever. and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in Costa Rica!

AND start implementing even while you feel like you’re still on vacation! You will be walked through step-by-step
whatever you’re working on:

Find Your Voice: Learn the art of full expression through chanting, singing and drumming
Clear Your Heart: Learn how to clear your heart from ANY past negativity and find your home in the now!
Unleash Your Full Potential: Learn proven strategies for creating the life, business or relationship of your dreams

Leave Costa Rica with experiences and relationships that will last a lifetime, a smile on your face, a clear heart, a clear plan and a clear GPS (Goal, Purpose, Strategy) for living at a level 10! Plus the ongoing support from your newfound tribe that you will need to turn it into something real and tangible when you return to the “real world” !

Put your laptop, tablet, smartphone and other gadgets down and get your butt to Costa Rica now! But first – you’ll need to register and name your price! More on that in a moment šŸ™‚


Join James Rick and a limited # of apprentices (3) in his mentorship program for 2 weeks in Costa Rica and Bali

Also known as “Mr. Full Potential” James has written 7 books on personal development including Unleash Your Full Potential
James has started and grown two companies with a combined revenue of more than $300 k a month currently
He continues to oversee a team as CEO of three companies with more than 275 people, while traveling the world and living thousands of miles away from the main office

James was recently on a Heartclearing World Tour that took him from Philippines to Bali to Hong Kong to Dubai to Amsterdam to England to the US and Costa Rica working with people all over the world sharing his Heartclearing therapy, a process of clearing negatively charged emotions from the heart so that its easier to live from home: a happier, more peaceful and heart centered life in the NOW

James has discovered and developed several tools, apps, methodologies and strategies to make you effective in all 7 of the major life areas: physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally, financially and in your environment.

James hosted the Full Potential Show interviewing more than 250 experts, speakers and authors on what it takes to live a Full Potential Life

James has a wellness and retreat center in Manuel Antonio (where the retreat will be hosted)
James has started creating a Festival and Community in Costa Rica for people that want to change the world


Costa Rica: Anytime between Nov 23rd – Dec 20th
Bali: Anytime between January 19th to March 19th

Costa Rica:
Join us in beautiful Costa Rica, known around the world for its gorgeous beaches, picturesque landscapes, abundance of nature, perfect year-round climate, surfing, friendly culture and fresh foods and more!

Bali, Indonesia
Join us in amazing Bali, known for its unique culture, art, spiritual focus, exotic adventures, surfing, beaches, fresh foods, perfect year-round climate and more!


$1,999 All-Inclusive for 2 Weeks
– Includes transportation, accommodations, learning, healthy food and adventure of a lifetime – just pay your airfare!
– Payment options available leading up to the time of your event!

If you schedule your 2-week mentorship over Dec 5th to 10th you get to attend the Full Potential Retreat for FREE ($1,497 value) Learn more


1 – Apply by emailing
2 – Confirm what location and which dates you’re available to attend
3 – We’ll review application and confirm attendance
4- If approved, you should be prepared to make payment within 48 hours and make necessary travel arrangements asap