Stuff can be dangerous.
It can distract you and cause you to put your focus and intention outside of yourself.
It becomes especially dangerous when you become attached to it or identified with it. Your awareness becomes “stuck” in the world of stuff and its harder for awareness to move freely. You become “your stuff” and gain is perceived as an expansion of self and loss is perceived as a contraction of self.

The more you focus outside of yourself, the slower you grow spiritually.

This is why great spiritual growth is often preceded by a major loss.. once you become attached, only by some great shift in external circumstances do you remember to put your focus back INSIDE and accelerate your spiritual growth once again.

You do not have to lose your stuff to get back on the spiritual path, you simply have to disassociate from it and observe material gain as you would observe a cup filling with water. It can certainly quench your thirst , but anything beyond that is superfluous. You might require a great of water to accomplish your goals but you do not flaunt how much water you have, you do not attach or identify with water as it flows. In every moment the flow changes and is different.

Having no stuff doesn’t necessarily mean spiritual growth either. If you are stuck in a state of WANTING .. your focus is still outside of your self. Being poor which is often projected as a negative circumstance (by media and a programmed culture), is actually a state of “having less” which can be a very good thing to build a spiritual foundation. Buddha, Jesus and other spiritual leaders found themselves in the simplicity of having very little before they made great leaps spiritually. You do not have to remain in a state of “having less” unless you want to – as long as you remember to never identify or attach to it when you have more.

I’m not saying being poor is a prerequisite to greater spiritual growth. But I am suggesting that you should be very careful with where your awareness, focus and intention goes. And if you find that its outside of yourself significantly more than you focus inside yourself – you have an imbalance that might be slowing your REAL progress down. And that “having less” can actually help you stay focused on what matters, so don’t judge yourself if you have less than your neighbor, use it to your advantage!

Once you pierce the veil on the physical world and realize that its only the workshop for the development of the Soul, you stop falling in love with the workshop, no matter how sexy it is. And you get to work in the energy field! Raising your personal energy and raising the energy of everyone around you. You eliminate negative karma and you develop real wealth in the form of higher consciousness and contribution to the development of other Souls.

What you accomplish in the higher dimensions is wealth you take with you when you leave this planet, because this planet is only a tiny projection of whats going on in the energy field.