The self proclaimed personal development experts insist that you identify what you want and go after it. Popular spiritual guides teach you must empty your mind of all desire and become an instrument of God’s will. Is this a question of market over mission? Ego over Soul? Is faith really a matter of going on a wild ride of God’s will? Watching carefully as each moment of your life unfolds, knowing that once you’ve surrendered to God’s will everything that happens from that moment on is part of the plan?

How far should you go? How much should you get involved? On one hand a strong Ego is what get’s things done. On the other hand a weak Ego never accomplishes anything. Is God’s will free from accomplishment? Is the will of God free from performance? Is the progression of consciousness more important than the progression of technology? If so, instead of moving faster the world needs to slow down. Evolving internally more than it evolves externally. Perhaps this is the only way humanity can catch up to technology and save itself.