There are many possibilities in reality, many unexplored. But where does the line blur between a possibility and a fantasy?Where does the PROBABILITY or odds for the existence of something reach a zero point?

1- Can the past be altered? If no, that’s a zero point reality.
But I don’t know if time travel exists so I cannot say going back to the past is not 100% possible.
2- Is a herd of wild pink unicorns going to fly through my living room and whisk me away to a magical castle in the clouds? We don’t know 100% for sure, but its never happened before and I haven’t seen any pictures or videos of this happening to anyone. And if someone reported this happened to them I might be VERY skeptical. While this is not a zero-point of 0% probability, I would say its pretty close.
3- Does higher energy exist? Does free energy exist right now? Can we change the world to be a heaven on Earth?
These possibilities give me a great deal of purpose.. they are not only possible for me but probable. I have never seen them (with the exception of higher energy in music for example) but I can imagine them AND I have enough evidence of things that are CLOSE to them by comparison to believe and work towards them as a reality.

I believe that insanity is seeing things in this reality right now that do not exist and saying they exist. For example what if I told you that it was actually Cookie Monster that wrote this post not me?

And sanity is seeing not only what exists right now but being open to all future possibilities that are not in the 0% of probability. And when you believe something you really want is possible, you expend precious energy and invest limited resources to bring about its realization.

To maintain belief in the unseen realities requires
a- constant stretching of imagination and
b- maintaining an open mind WHILE..
c- being real about what exists right now and..
d- adapting your belief with the introduction of new facts

– all at the same time! ..Whoo! Nobody said being human was easy!