There are so many great ideas in the world just waiting for funding. And funding waiting for traction. And traction waiting for action. So if your ideas are good enough.. stop waiting. Make the first steps smaller so you can begin getting traction.

We have to move beyond waiting for resources, and work with the resources we have to build credibility for our ideas.

And on a personal note before anyone thinks that I was super privileged and don’t understand what it’s like to start out with very little, keep in mind that at one point while working on my first business I was living in a shared condo paying $350 rent, and keeping a food budget under $10 a day.

I calculated the time I was spending in the office, a little 250 square foot office was earning me less than $2 an hour.

To this day I am currently moving projects forward that ‘should have’ waited for millions of dollars in funding. And even with traction you might fail, but you also increase the probability of an idea of becoming a reality.