While I am in Costa Rica.. I am still in the beginning stages of securing a land partner for the Coravida Festival.  I have had a few exciting potential’s, but nothing has really come through yet. We have one property that is about 600 acres for around $650,000 that might be closing in January.. 200 acres or so buildable.. So a nice deal.

I was just introduced to a new property yesterday that’s about 1000 acres for $6 m .. Although we don’t have the funds, I am open to securing a land partner that believes in what we are doing. In fact I’m sharing the letter that I sent out yesterday to the landowner and awaiting a positive response back. This will give me an idea of what the festival is all about and the community that we want to build around the festival.

 Thanks for reaching out! The farm looks like a spectacular location to do the festival and community. In fact when I saw the video I said, “This is it!”
Coravida is a combination of “corazon” for heart and “vida” for life.

Representing heart inspired living.

The Coravida Festival is a 4 day event where we’ll be inviting some of the world’s top musicians, enlightened and passionate speakers, top business leaders and political leaders to gather for 4 days in a “pure energy” environment.. along with all the other festival attendees. It’s a gathering place for the world’s highest energy people.
Day 1: Unplug Day

This is the day everyone arrives, unplugs from their digital devices and gets a new name – for a fresh start.

There will be body painting and choosing a symbol to help with taking on this new “identity” 

Everything around the festival is supportive of a day of unwinding.. the music, spa services, places to relax etc. 

We also set the tone for shifting conversations from things like “What do you do” to “What do you love?” 

We hope this will carry over into society in general.
Day 2: Heartclearing Day (Day of Self Acceptance)

This is a big day of clearing the heart of energetic disturbances.

I will be leading group heart clearing exercises en-mass. This is a therapy I have developed and had great success with. 

It is a combination of guided questions, instructions along with sound vibration therapy like chanting and drumming. I have had POWERFUL results with this approach and you can see many testimonials posted here: JamesRick.com 

I have also put together a “Heart Map” diagram that explains heart clearing process.. and you can see my video introducing some of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIYLFddYzsI
Again everything around the festival will be supportive of CLEARING the heart.. letting go of the past.. letting go of self judgement, anger or criticism.. moving more deeply into love with oneself. It should be an amazing and heartfelt day supported by everyone sharing the same purpose and the music, and festivities creating a magical atmosphere during this life changing journey.
Day 3: Heartdiving Day (Day of Accepting Others) 

Where Day 1 and 2 are more personal journeys, day 3 is a group journey. Of loving and embracing everyone around you as different aspects of yourself or source. 
Now that the heart is clear and love is pouring through, it will be far easier to allow that love to flow all the way out and be EXPRESSED. This is a big day of expressing who you are and accepting others for who they are. The key here is FULL EXPRESSION and ACCEPTANCE. 
 Love will be flowing in abundance and we’ll have lots of interesting things going on, also allowing festival attendees themselves to present their version of full self expression and letting the whole crowd fully allow themselves total self expression all at the same time. 
Day 4: Accepting Your Role
When you have accepted yourself fully in day 2, and accepted others fully in day 3, in day 4 you’ll be ready to accept the larger role or mission you play in the world. Most people have a shrunken self-image / concept of who they are and what their role or mission is on this planet. But once you start coming from love and once you start feeling love.. your belief in what’s possible and WHO YOU ARE in the global movement, will shift. 
On this day we’ll help people get organized around causes they believe in. Each major cause like: education or environment will form a tribe that will support, encourage and hold each other accountable over the next year, before the next festival. Unlike most festivals that offer a magical experience for a few days and then end.. Day 4 will help spread the magic of the festival energy far and wide all over the world. We’ll use things like the internet to keep all members of that tribe connected and continually collaborating

Our goal with the festival is to clear people’s hearts, allow the universal love to flow through and reshape the world with it. 

Helping people come alive, then getting them organized, united and focused on how to make the world a better place. And have a lot of fun along the way!
The community will grow up and be developed around the festival, as an inevitable result of people wanting to stay in and experience this kind of powerful energy all year long. Everything from the festival including the art work etc. will stay with the community and be built upon in the next year’s festival.. making the community a unique work of art! 
The community itself is a kind of “never ending” festival where new people, tourists etc. come all the time for ongoing events and teachings. Some guests will choose to stay and live there
We’ll have our own farming and food production, housing, schools, clinic, event centers, rituals like dancing, singing, drumming, teaching events, yoga, meditaiton and live music with new artists coming and going all the time. The people that want the festival to never end, will have a home in the Coravida Community!


Every year we envision the Coravida Festival will get bigger and biger.. more of the festival energy will spread around the world. More people will come and join the community. And the overall hoped for effect is the world becomes more like a Coravida than the way it is now.. with people being inspired by our festival and community to reshape the world into the “heart inspired” home that it can be!