With so much violence and fear getting so much attention in the news and social media – it becomes even more important for “frequency holders” to maintain focus on higher energy.

YES there is a time for sensitivity, for mourning, for reflecting, identifying problems and coming up with solutions. But during this whole time we need to be coming from high energy and love.

If we shift our focus down – we become a product of our environment. This may seem like a small shift but as soon as we shift our eyes from light to the dark we start get to lost. Our energy shifts downwards and we start to feel differently. This influences our thoughts which in turn influences our behavior.
No matter what goes on in this world around us, we must stand up and stand out for being energy leaders. “Frequency holders” that refuse to let negativity, doubt, hate, anger or violence cause us to waver in what we stand for: love, light and truth.  

Even in the midst of violence and chaos stand strong and put your faith in love and light.
All energies are a frequency.. or channel for consciousness. And we must stay plugged into the highest frequency we can at all times, so that highest consciousness can flow into the planet and change it from the highest level. 

The light is always a solution to darkness. To fumble around in the dark searching for answers other than light, is NOT an answer. The answer is always simple. Stay focused on light, be the light, be the love, keep being love no matter WHAT HAPPENS.