Live your full potential

Energy always precedes the action. Potential – then is the energy we have available prior to taking action.
To live at our Full Potential means having the ability to fully express what is in us. Your potential at any given moment can fluctuate. And you can always increase your overall potential by developing your capacity to have, maintain and harness higher energy.

– Let go of the parts of you that are not helpful for elevation.
– let of past, let go of worry.
– Eat for energy.
– Master relaxing the body at will.
– increase the body’s energy reserves through focus on energy centers.
– Stand in consistent awareness of Soul and Ego, to clear Ego disturbances quickly
– Open the heart to feel and process life energies faster
– learn to let go of energetic disturbances you feel quickly, from an open heart
– imagine yourself as invisible (to get over-identification with your current body) and then filled with white light, serving as a vehicle for higher expression

This kind of development work, though certainly not easy in practice, sets the foundation for playing in a bigger cosmic game.

Our happiness depends greatly on our capacity and willingness to fully give of ourselves to something deeply meaningful. Not just a little, our full energy and our full selves. All in.