Life mission:
I want everyone to feel the unconditional love that I feel.
I want to feel the unconditional love consistently.
I know that I deserve to feel it.. from within and through myself all the time.
I know the more of it I share, the more I am blessed with.
I know that there is an unlimited supply for everyone to tap into.
I know that life will be better for everyone when we do.
I know that we all stumble and fall sometimes, and will never live up to the perceptions of perfections people have of us, especially when we strive for it and can speak truth like we live it all the time.
I know I am not a perfect being, but I am capable of adjusting my course every time I feel off track. And in this way I know I am good enough to keep getting back on track even when I am off of it most of the time.
No condition will stop me from adjusting my course .. not even the countless mistakes I make along the way.
I forgive myself a thousand times a thousand. And I learn to have compassion through my own confusion and faults.

No enlightened being causes suffering on purpose. Only a confused, conflicted and comprimised Soul does. And we can all relate with this quality of Soul being on some level.. even if we have never peeked into the depths of hell, my imagination is good enough to feel what it would be like to bathe in it. And also recognize the ability for any Soul to jump out of it if they awaken, believe its possible and know they are always good enough for love at the highest levels!

When given a choice to suffer or soar.. all awakened, conscious and capable Souls will take flight. This is how we create a heaven on Earth.. we are all Souls capable of soaring.

Untether your wings and stop waiting for permission to find your freedom to be a great Soul on this Earth. You are good enough! Wake up fellow light warriors and step into the light and fly.

That is all.. good night. I will look for your lights soaring across the midnight sky.