Well I am back – It’s been a while since the last post. I have been doing most of my blog updates at FullPotential.com where I host the Full Potential Show. But I’d like to keep this blog separate as I dive into subjects much deeper than I can on a 20 minute show.

The latest – I’m currently in San Francisco visiting friends and working remotely with Shereen for the next few weeks. I’m working on several projects at the moment:
– Growing Full Potential Speaking biz
– Growing Global Sky and Outbounders
– Moving forward on an invention that allows you to work from laptop while laying down
– Researching best location for Full Potential Community in Philippines
– Development of Full Potential Club membership area (pretty cool)
– Building up Full Potential Show on Youtube

Over the last month or so I was living in Portland, Oregon with Shereen and her family which is where she’s from originally. Our plans are to stay in San Francisco until mid-October then Vegas for a week or so to see family and then Scottsdale for an event in early November before we head back to Portland for a couple of weeks to wrap-up some family business related things there before we venture off to Hawaii (the big island) as a possible landing spot and future location for the Full Potential Resort. We’ll be there at least through December.

I’ve decided to start sharing more about my personal life than I have in the best. I used to avoid it because I thought it might be considered “fluff” and I wanted to only give you the highest value ideas I have when I write and avoid any Ego spotlight – but I realize that the personal “context” stuff is part of an important connecting and relating process. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on this as your feedback will help me know whether I should continue this course of more personal share on top of the insights.