I am.

And from the stream of “I am” we are free from our identities. Free to be. Free to create.

And when we create with consciousness, our creations are alive and sometimes conscious enough to observe itself (like humans)

And in the aliveness of our creations we find identity. But the identity of our creations (from I AM) is never the source, because something that comes from the source, while connected, is not the source. You only return to source (the stream of I AM) when your awareness lets go of its identity to anything else.
Letting go of everything you are not, is the most powerful way to feel who and what you are. The foolish are forced into this discovery, and the wise force themselves.

After this discovery our human bodies become the instrument for something greater to flow through.
And while we may not always BE at home in our hearts, we always know how to find our way back if we are looking.