Human connections


I find the human connection is real and tangible. The sum of two energies is always greater than one. Feeling lonely is a reminder we need other people and that the feeling of love is not only nice to have but a necessary part of this experience.
Family, friends and team that is like my family, I need you as much as you need me and I am infinitely grateful for the connections, support, experiences and insights we have shared at various times over the course of our journey.
I am not an island, nor are you. We need each other, all of us and the sooner we accept that fact the sooner we can embrace our vulnerabilities or our longings as BEAUTIFUL rather than something to hide.

Vulnerability is an OPENING. Love permeates all barriers and fills this world.. love sees beyond all false fronts and loves anyway. When we exist in a state of love and openness we are not ever alone, we are united. And though our physical forms be separate, our energy field be shared across the greatest of distances.
May the full force of this love shine out to you wherever you are.