Nearly all mental suffering can be found in the underlying assumption: “THIS should NOT be”
A more accurate observation that evaporates resistance to the moment is: “THIS IS BEING” or “THIS is my life, AS IT IS”

You don’t have to settle for conditions that are unfavorable, but you can let go of your resistance to them, so you can move forward on your plans in a more joyful manner.

Some tricky mental viruses that can side track your appreciation for things as they are:

Comparisons that are illusions:
“I should be further along in my life than I am now”
“I should have more than this person ______”
“I should have more to show for my hard work”

Torn between two places
Things: “I should be doing this ______ rather than this _______”
People: “I should be with _______ rather than _______”
Roles: “I should be a _____ rather than a ______”

Guilt or Regrets you can’t change
“I should have been a better _____ (insert role here) ”
“I should have done this____ instead of this ____”
“I should not have listened to ______.”
“I should never have ________”

It’s ok to establish rules for future behavior based on what you have learned, but it’s not ok to hang onto “should” statements that cannot be changed, drive you crazy and take you out of where your true power is always: the present.

Whenever you catch yourself tightening up to a “should” illusion, relax and let yourself know “this is being, this is life as it is” which is 100% true. Then focus on your plans (the introduction of new causes today, to create a new and ideally more enjoyable present, tomorrow). And never forget the present is where you “should BE”