Every day I want to share with you real progress from my journey. And I would love for you to share in your comments your own status updates beginning with the seven major life areas. Our goal is to get to level 10 in the seven major life areas and I think it would be good to log or activities and those things each day. In addition I feel like a CHAIN report is something that can also keep us on track. I will start mine off and hopefully this will be of some help.

Leveling Up Report
The structure of these status updates will be what is the area, what is the current level and what does it take to be a level 10 . These are obviously totally subjective and you will want to be giving yourself your own ratings.

CHAIN Report
The chain report is born out of the idea that you should at least be aware of these things daily. And it’s an acronym for changes, highlights, accomplishments, insights, next steps

so now that you understand the structure of these two reports, I will share with you what I posted today and my personal journal and I will try to give a good insight each day based on my own observations. In addition I will try to share more of what my time log looked like for the day so you can see my routine / schedule as well IF this is helpful. I will consider this more.

And what about personal shares? Its really a question of how personal do you get with the general public.. I feel my life is a pretty open book but there are benefits to keeping some things private. There was a point when I was experimenting with doing a blog long before there was even software to do a blog and in my travels around India I wrote about literally everything I was doing, experiencing with no holding back, it grew very popular indeed but also infringed on my daily life as people I was interacting with were getting the inside scoop on how I felt about them. I like openness and honesty but sometimes perceptions can be taken defensively and thats not helpful in the bigger picture. I will feel out what level of personal sharing feels most comfortable .. and yet reveals a layer than you may not normally see in blogs, only so that we can get closer on this journey and share more together.

I think the most important thing at this point is the consistency of my posting which I have not always been relaly great at in the past. I am going to attempt to do more to be consistent and optimize things so they can be found. My goal is to create a platform of people sharing similar journies as me that want to optimize their life and hopefully we can do more together both online and offline to make this happen.

So without further adieu here is my Leveling Up And CHAIN Report

Level Up

Physical – 8 research vegan body building habits
Mental – 8.5 1 hour a day of positive programming
Spiritual – 8 more alignment with the higher mission of Coravida and doing Full Potential / Heartclearing events
Emotional 8 – Make life more of an adventure and help others as a priority
Social – 8 – Connect with more heart centered people in soothing and loving ways.. host events and market them,
Financial – 7.5 Generate $100 k a year from online marketing in profit
Environmental -8 .. Live in an environment of loving, soothing energy connected with others


CHAIN report

– To make life more of an adventure again

– Making progress on the web site for Coravida.com heart centers

– Getting developer to work on it

– Getting to bed early I can think and reflect more and get a nice start. Got to bed at like 10:30 pm

Next steps
– Finish web site today and plan next steps from game plan