Reset Your Body, Heart, Mind, Soul and Life in Costa Rica 

Dec 1st - Dec 5th, 2016 


 All-inclusive Heartclearing Retreat Special: $697 (individual shared) or $1,347 (for two people in a private room)

OFFER ENDS: Wednesday Dec 1st 11:59 PM, 2016 

The fastest way to heal yourself using the power of your own heart

Not Just a Retreat .. a Reset!

Reset your Body.. with proper nutrition, plant based foods and juicing nourishment! And relaxing body-work like holistic massage and Reiki.

Reset Your Mind.. with rest and mindfulness meditation. 

Reset Your Heart.. with heartclearing and heart-centered therapies.

Reset Your Soul.. by zooming out and getting new clarity of your purpose in life

Yoga, meditation, exercise, plant based food medicine, heart claering and more .. let your Soul re-open the door.

Heartclearing therapy with James

Stay at the Beautiful Coravida Retreat Center

Stay in one of the most beautiful retreat centers in all of Costa Rica. A combination of two villas, 15 bedrooms, 16 baths, 2 pools, large balconies from almost every room overlooking the jungle canopy with visits from birds like macaws, monkeys, iguanas and even sloths!

Great Food Is At The Heart of Coravida!

If you love food.. and not just any food, but delicious, healthy energizing food that's vegetarian, gluten free, organic and more.. you're going to love Coravida. Where we take the fuel you're going to need to optimize your best self to the next level in everything we do. And don't leave hungry, we know how to make quality food, with plenty of protein both satisfying and amazing! 

fresh and filling vegetarian and vegan foods
amazing breakfast with vegan bread

Clear Emotional Blocks and Heal Your Heart

James Rick Stinson founder of the Heartclearing therapy will lead the retreat and assist you in clearing emotional blocks and using your heart to facilitate your own deeper inner healing process. James has written 7 books on personal development, has been an avid meditator for more than 20 years and has developed a therapy to help people go deeper and tap into their full potential in one of the most effective ways possible.

Heartclearing therapy with James

After you have gone through the heart clearing process you'll be ready to tap into your power at the source and fine tune your mission and calling on this planet from a deep intuitive knowing. And James will be ready to facilitate a practical step-by-step plan that you can take with you when you leave! 

Heartclearing therapy

Leave With a Real Plan For Your Life 

map for life

James will not only facilitate your energetic healing but he has practical real-world business experience with more than 300 staff and multiple successful companies - to help you take your passion from raw energy and integrate it with a real plan for fulfillment. 

Retreat Schedule

Day 1 - Thursday, December 1st


We'll have dinner in the evening and you'll have a chance to meet and greet everyone who will be attending the retreat. 

This will be a day to get our minds to slow down.. to let go of the demands of a busy world. To feel connected with each other, relaxed, refreshed, recharged, regenerated and ready for an amazing retreat!

This is an opportunity to get off your technology and really CONNECT for the next 4 days.

While we won’t enforce the “no technology” rule, it is a policy and I highly recommend that you sign off from the digital world and do a little digital detox while you plug into yourself, the retreat, the participants and the beautiful nature around you!

Some people will be arriving throughout this day and as they do we will be integrating them into the group process of getting to know everyone and start connecting. I know not everyone will be able to make it on this first day but if you can PLEASE come so we can all start the journey together.

Question: Set your intention - why are you here, what do you hope to come away with?

Life between wifi signals
Retreat image

Day 2: Friday, December 2nd 


Finally release any and all emotional baggage , personal blocks or limitations to living your Full Potential and moving at light speed towards living your highest self , purpose and role in this world. To feel amazing! And to develop ability to stay open and LGSF "Let Go of Shit Fast" in the future.


8 – 9 AM Breakfast

9 AM – 12 PM Deep diving into your heart, and life's timeline , triggers, patterns and blocks


12 PM – 1 PM Lunch 

1 PM – 4 PM Heartclearing Process

4 PM – 6 PM Adventure Outing (beach / surfing / sunset)


6 - 7 PM Dinner

7 – 9:00 Reflection & Integration

9:00 - 10:00 Drumming & singing / meditation

10:00 + Open connection with each other (try to stay unplugged!)

Questions to answer:

What triggers do you have and where did they start? 

What lessons did you learn from your past? 

Whave have you let go of?  

What have you decided to keep and let go of slowly? Why?

How will you LGSF .. Let Go Of Shit Fast in the future?

What do you need to do to integrate what you learned so far?

Journal entry

- Level 10 vision in the 7 major life areas (physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional, financial and environment)

- CHAIN Report (Changes, Highlights, Accomplishments, Insights, Next Steps)

Coravida retreat pic full potential

Day 3: Saturday, December 3rd 


Get clear on your triggers, defense mechanisms and what prevents you from having close and deep relationships. Learn how to open your heart and not be afraid to love and be loved. Learn why the hardest thing is not giving love it's receiving! Learn how to come from the heart in whatever you are meant to do in this world and start planning some real-world steps to integrate what you learn into a new life!


8 – 9 AM Breakfast

9 AM – 12 PM Group session (eye contact, hugging, opening up & deep diving into others, sharing power)


12 PM – 1 PM Lunch 

1 PM – 4 PM Group session (Reflection / integration)

4 PM – 6 PM Adventure outing ( Beach & surfing or hiking & waterfall)


6 - 7 PM Dinner

7 – 9:00 Planning .. Real-world integration

9:00 - 10:00 Drumming & singing / meditation

10:00 + Open connection with each other (try to stay unplugged!)

By the end of Day 3 you should feel much more centered, empowered, open, clear, confident and ready to live a bigger purpose and play a bigger role in the world. 

Questions to answer: 

- What have you been resisting? 

- What did you learn about prolonged eye contact? 

- Showing affection? 

- Learning others stories at the source of their own patterns and triggers?

- Power dynamics and sharing power versus giving and taking?

- Journal and CHAIN Report

Full Potential retreat group

Day 4: Sunday, December 4th


8 – 9 AM Breakfast

9 AM – 10 AM Q & A from the last two days  

10 - 12 PM Setting yourself up with empowering tools and systems, including a mind- map for your business and your life.


It's likely some sessions may have gone over time as they are very interactive, so we have given ourselves plenty of free time to either stay engaged in the work or if we finish as planned go enjoy the day or leave early.


 Enjoy the rest of your Sunday experiencing beautiful Costa Rica and the surrounding Manuel Antonio and Quepos. 


James will also be available for private 1-on-1 sessions


7 - 8 PM Dinner Gathering 

Free time

By the end of Day 4 you will have clear strategies, systems and tools to integrate everything you have learned. It will not just be concepts and theories, it will be embodied in you energetically and ready for action. 

Day 5: Monday, December 5th 


8 - 9 AM Breakfast

Check out / depart by 12 PM

Our Mission

What Others Are Saying About Full Potential and James Rick..

Brian Tracy

“Enjoyable.. James Rick shows you how to get more out of yourself and life than you ever thought possible!" - Brian Tracy, Author of Way to Wealth and countless other personal development programs.

“An unusually in-depth look at the achievement of potential .. Enlightening and excellent ..for any intelligent person who is serious about their personal development and serious about getting the most out of life.” - Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of the 50 Spiritual Classics and other Classics Series.

Tom Butler Bowdon
Rima rudner

"James Rick has studied all the great philosophers and simplifies their theories in a way that will definitely make you think about how you manage your time and life. It’s not just about positive thinking, it’s about taking action.”

- Rima Rudner, Author of Choose to Be Happy

"Mind-opening insights and new perspectives, enriched by a compassionate view of power. I kept thinking of people to share it with and how James Rick’s ideas could help me to be more productive too.”

- Mandy Evans, Author of Emotional Options


"James provides a wealth of information for understanding all that it means to be human. I love the analogies in the Full Potential Model… James presents the principles in a succinct manner that can be easily applied in your life.” - Julie Fuimano, Author of the Journey Called You

What Others Are Saying About Heart Clearing

“I have been an empath, highly sensitive my whole life. I struggled with absorbing the thoughts and feelings of others. Thru the years, I learned to put up walls to not feel all the pain, sadness & fear in my environment. It became more & more difficult for me to go out in public. James cleared my heart. He showed me not to be afraid to feel feelings — to feel them and release them. He showed me that love is more powerful. I now, feel more connected with my sacred sense of purpose. In this beautiful heart space, we are all connected.”

– Sarah D


“Before the heart clearing session, there were days that I would feel depressed. I couldn’t even explain why but I just felt that something was missing. It was getting worse every day. I was desperate to divert my attention and make myself busy. But every night, when I am about to sleep, the empty feeling in my chest keeps me awake. I had to listen to music to clear my head or at least, not hear the thoughts in my head. It’s been more than a week since my heart clearing session and I don’t remember feeling down since that day. I feel more alive now and good things are starting to come my way.”

– Erika M.

“I told the story to people around that were so surprised to see me refreshed and could definitely see a difference in me! and i keep getting asked about you! I’m truly grateful of what you have done with me – I still have some of the dreams but it’s definitely less and I’m learning how to control and not be stressed by them. :)”

– Saya B.


If only you knew how it changed my outlook on pain James. I am forever grateful that I have undergone such experience. . have learned to embrace pain and have learned each time from it. . To be focused on the present and maximize it.. and whenever another wave of pain came, acceptance of the bitter truth sets me free. . If heart clearing is a form of medicine I will take it everyday. . And if I can fully master it like you do, I’d be glad to share it to those who need it. . So thank you very much. .

- Precky G.

Before my Heart Clearing experience with James, I used to carry around all my heartaches and pains that have accumulated over the years due to different circumstances in life. Imagine how heavy that is. My friends sometimes can feel that negative energy no matter how I smile and I myself can feel the baggage.

During my heart clearing, I was able to cry out all the pains and James helped me learn the process of letting go. I used to drink first so I can cry, now I can cry anytime if I felt pain. Overtime, I learn how to let go easily.

Now, I feel a lot lighter and happier. My energy or aura is more vibrant and I’m not afraid to face and go through pain in life. Because if we process the pain and cry, we don’t have any reason to carry it around with us anymore and we are able to move on.

When we have a clear heart, we can feel love even more. And by that, we are able to share it to more people and touch their aching hearts. 🙂

- Lota S.

James Rick Stinson

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Full Cost of the Retreat and What's Included?

FP Retreat

(4) Nights accomodation at the gorgeous Coravida Retreat Center in either Villa Manakin or Villa Jacana overlooking rainforest and ocean. ($400 value)

(9) Chef prepared meals by a Coravida Chef

- 1 Dinner on Thursday

- 3 Meals Friday

- 3 Meals Saturday

- 1 Breakfast & Dinner on Sunday

- 1 Breakast on Monday

($250 value)

(4) Day Retreat with James Rick ($2000 value)

(4) Morning Yoga/ Meditation Sessions (1x per day) ($200 value)

(1) Spa / massage / Reiki treatment ($100 value) 

(1) Hour Intensive: 1-on-1 with James doing Heartclearing Session with James or Life / Biz Strategy Intensive ($500 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $3,050 

Just $697 per person shared room.

2. How Do I Get There?

1 - Booking your flight.. there's all kinds of ways to get to the main international airport in San Jose (SJO) .. I use as the ticket booking web site for booking flights

Note: Fly into San Jose ,Costa Rica airport (SJO) don't accidentally fly to San Jose California *wink* 

2 - From there, if you arrive in morning or afternoon you can take a short flight from SJO to Quepos / Manuel Antonio airport. It costs anywhere from $50 to $100 one way and it takes just 25 minutes.You can book through or

Costa Rica San Jose
Taxi or Uber to terminal

3 - If you can't or don't want to take the short flight, you can take either 

A: Bus (3.5 hours - depending on traffic)

B. Shuttle (2.5 hours - depending on traffic)

C. Rental Car (2.5 hours - depending on traffic)


- Take an Uber from airport to San Jose Bus Station Terminal 710 (If not Uber, a Taxi will cost $25 .. it takes anywhere from 20 min. to 1 hour to get to terminal depending on if its rush hour)

- Bus ticket from San Jose to Quepos is only $10 , drops you off at Quepos bus stop. 

- Take a taxi from Quepos bus stop to Villa Jacana ($2) 


The shuttle will pick you up directly at the airport huttle cost is direct from airport, at $150 one way. If you're coming in on Thursday after the cut off for the small flights, we can arrange for group pick up from San Jose to bring down cost of Shuttle. 

Rental Car

To make things easy, get a rental car with GPS and plug in Quepos. When you get to Quepos ask a taxi driver where Manuel Antonio Estates is. They don't have official addresses here. Beware of the insurance costs the companies add on to rentals here, for that reason this option is not recommended.

4 - The complex where we are based is called: Manuel Antonio ESTATES most all of the taxi drivers know this location. .. When you get to the Manuel Antonio Estates.. ask guard at the for Villa Jacana and they can tell you where to go once inside. 

Basically its straight up and to the left when you get to the top of the hill.

Manuel Antonio Estates

3. What is Heartclearing?

Heartclearing is a therapy designed by James Rick to help people get through their emotional blocks as quickly as possible, through understanding why the blocks are there in the first place and using our ability to FEEL rather than THINK our way to our core. 

James Rick Stinson

4. What is there to do in the area?

Manuel Antonio is world renowned for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It was in the top 12 on Forbes Best Beaches in the world list and up to 150,000 people a year tour through the area to come see the beaches and its diverse wildlife populations of birds, monkeys, iguanas, sloths etc. 

Coravida is ideally situated between Quepos and Manuel Antonio high on a hill that overlooks Quepos and the Ocean. And many of the wildlife native to the National Park can be witnessed from our many balconies! 

The area itself also features a host of tour activities including horse back riding, waterfall hiking, surfing, four-wheeling, kayaking, sunset tours and more. We can hook you up with an activity guide when you arrive!

And much of the convenience of town is walking distance or a short taxi ride for $2. 

5. Is there payment options? 

Yes we can offer payment options.. you can stretch payments out however many months or weeks you want leading up to the retreat and we are having retreats on a regular basis. 

6. Is it okay to bring my partner or family member?

Yes we plan on doing some intense emotional work together and its perfectly okay to bring a family member IF they understand what's involved and they are open to it. A person that is resistant to change or happy where they are is not likely to make the same progress as someone who is truly READY for transformation and willing to open themselves up for it. 

7. What Else Should I Bring? 

Bring yourself. 

Bring some clothes for a tropical environment. 

Bring an open mind and an open heart. 

Most of your time here is covered already.. accomodations, food etc. but you should still bring money for your transportation or any extra activities you want to do outside of the retreat. 

8. What If I Want to Stay Beyond the Retreat?

If we have availability you are welcome to stay at the Coravida Retreat center beyond the retreat. You can inquire in advance or during the retreat if we have open rooms available. We have very reasonable room and food prices outside of the all inclusive retreat. 

9. When is the next retreat?

If you are unable to make the July 21st, 2015 retreat we'll be having our next one on August 25th, 2015. You can REGISTER NOW to make sure you get in and get one of the best rooms.

Manuel Antonio

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