Heart and Love Energy

People may come in and out of your life but if you keep your heart open, the love stays. Love is an energy pouring through your heart, in the present. This is true home.

In relationships hearts open and feel love, and when they end hearts often close. This is why people often only associate love with relationships. But love is an energy that transcends relationships and flows like a waterfall through every moment.
Our mission is not to go anywhere to find peace, enlightenment or even love.. Its to DEEPEN OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PRESENT MOMENT.Allow yourself to feel more without resistance. To do whatever is necessary to dive deeper into feeling from the heart, in spite of fear. Feel through pain without analyzing it. In this way you maximize aliveness in every moment: being deeply in love, free from attachment. Do not fear the pain that comes with living openly.. Its a small price to pay for aliveness and it comes and goes like the wind if you allow it to flow in and out. Emotion is energy in motion, its when it gets stuck out of attachment or fear you have a persistent charge of pain until you release it!
Love is who you truly are, who we all are when we allow ourselves to stop being what we are not.