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I was asked by a dear family member for guidance on how to heal. They are very sick and have late stage cancer.

While I believe some diseases happen based on genetics or random chance, I always look to the factors we can control first like what’s going in? Into the mouth, lungs or skin.

What goes in, eventually ends up in the blood stream and circulates through every part of the body.

The blood stream supplies all nutrients to the billions of cells that try to run efficient processes for regeneration and repair. The blood is also the primary avenue for waste removal.

Bottom line, if you have clean, alkaline, nutrient rich blood, It matters less if you were born with some genetic condition, you give the body the best chance to avoid disease or heal itself. And at the very least, you give the body the best chance of operating at its full potential in spite of any condition.

Beyond upgrading your repair and defense capabilities, benefits of healthy blood also includes: higher energy, better mental clarity and better physical appearance.

So how do you achieve clean, alkaline, nutrient rich blood?
Again – by what goes into your mouth, lungs or skin.
Something you usually have 100% control over.
Lets focus on the mouth for a moment.

The biggest illusion you must overcome:
Stop evaluating what you eat or drink on the basis of taste.
Taste served us well in more ancient times when the only sweet thing was fruit. Now we have refined sugars, artificial sugars and flavoring that are known to cause cancer and definitely stress the system that tries to maintain a delicate balance over things like acidity vs alkalinity and blood sugar levels.
I stopped evaluating what I eat on the basis of taste and give food or water priority based on what it will do for my blood.

Now before you freak out wondering if you will ever be able to eat your favorite food again, YES – but I suggest you designate only ONE day a week and you plan it in advance to maintain your discipline. This little
‘escape’ will give you something to look forward to and ensure that your body doesn’t go into open rebellion to get what it wants.
For example I have Saturday sweet day, with the exceptional birthday or holiday and I stick to it 99% of the time (Not perfect šŸ™‚ )

People that eat food for taste have all kinds of rationalizations and excuses for why they do it. Here are some of my favorites:
“Everything in moderation..”
“Its not every day..”
“I eat pretty healthy, OTHER people eat much worse than I do.”
“We are all going to die some day- might as well enjoy it”
“I have been eating like this all my life, I am not going to stop now”
“When its your time, its your time..”
“So-and-so ate did x behavior (ate bacon, smoked cigarettes.. Etc.) his whole life and lived to be 95”

All excuses use some layer of faulty logic to justify a behavior that is ultimately: not good for the blood.
– Comparing themselves with poorer examples
– underestimating how frequent the activity occurs
– using the people that lived into old age with bad habits as the example and forgetting the millions of others with the same bad habits are already dead.

At the end of the day, I am all about results.
It doesn’t matter if you are in denial, results are results.

Everything you put in your body and ultimately your blood, is a cause set in motion. Which means, its going to have an effect, 100% guaranteed. Now whether those causes will produce effects like sickness, disease or cancer, depends on other factors like genes how tolerant your body is before it breaks down. But ALL EFFECTS are cumulative, meaning they add up over time. This means everything you do is either aiding or putting strain on your body and you are either increasing or decreasing the probabilities for a desirable outcome.
Fortunately the body is always self repairing and so even if you made poor decisions in the past, NOW is always the best time to make better ones.

Success is all about increasing probabilities. And if you could walk into a casino and tilt all the odds in your favor so that you walk out a virtually guaranteed winner – why wouldn’t you do that with your health? In addition, health is not only about living longer and disease free, its also about the benefits that come with ALIVENESS every day, which cannot be understated.

Health effects every area of your life, from your relationships to your financial success.

Think about how your ability to think, plan or be productive might be handicapped if you aren’t operating at peak levels of health?
How much do you think your levels of energy and people’s feeling of attraction towards you are effected by your health?

I can only tell you from personal experience that when health became my top priority, everything changed dramatically for the better. My skin cleared up, my energy soared and everything else in my life seemed easier and more enjoyable.

Energy is everything to the experience, and health is everything to energy.
I now see health as the ultimate lever for getting leverage not just on your life but also in your work.

By controlling what you put in your mouth, you will also experience greater personal power and discipline. It seems like such a small act; being the gatekeeper- but it has huge consequences on your ability to override impulsive behaviors in every other area of your life.

Discipline can be a scary word, but its importance has been downplayed too much in our culture with too many excuses given on why its not possible to be more disciplined.

Like all things, don’t take my word for it, do an experiment. Instead of comparing yourself with other people’s poor habits start comparing yourself with the best version of yourself, you at your full potential.
– If you had level 10 energy, how might that change your experience?
– Change your experience with others?
– Effect your productivity and performance? Your overall fun!?
– Is the benefit of eating what you want, whenever you want, solely
on the basis of “because it tastes good” or “its more convenient” worth more to you than higher levels you could be living if you brought a higher level of discipline to your game?
– What could you start doing immediately to take it up a notch?
– How about several notches?
– What would you need to do in advance to avoid excuses like convenience as a way to rationalize eating poorly?
– Can you not prepare and bring food with you?
– What other excuses do you have ?
– How can you overcome them in advance, before they come up?

Because health is the number one factor for leveraging everything else in your life – if you solve this piece of the puzzle, everything else will get a whole lot easier!