Today’s focus is GET BALANCE .when you think about living at a level 10..imagine the 7 major life areas like a wheel. If you overly focus on one side and not enough on the other, the wheel gets wobbly and the ride is not very enjoyable

Very often the people that are most happy live very balanced lives.

We all have 24 hours in a day, it would be wise to devote as many of those hours as you can towards balanced growth in the 7 major life areas.

Remember that in some areas, like health – you often don’t notice the consequence of neglecting it until its too late. So be pro-active and take care of these areas now!

Here are some ways to maximize each area:

1 – Physical: Eat healthy and exercise (take the stairs even!), drink plenty of water and avoid toxic substances
2 – Mental: Reading something positive every day .. thinking and talking positively
3 – Spiritual: Meditating at least 20 minutes a day.. you can also use this guided relaxation / meditation audio
4 – Social: Connecting with people in ways that add value
5 – Emotional: Coming from the heart – doing heartclearing work
6 – Financial: Add more value in your work (performance), save money where you can and invest for the future. Avoid debt like the plague (unless its an investment that can pay for itself quickly).
7 – Environment: Add positive things all around you.. pictures, plants, quotes, messages (this is coming to the office soon!)

Your thoughts:
What else can you do to start living at a level 10 in each of these areas?
Comment below with your own ideas!