Get Good Habits

Okay so its Full Potential Friday and here’s something you could potentially focus on over the next week: Creating Better Habits.

Take a look at what habits you currently perform without much thought to meet certain needs and think about at least ONE HABIT you want to change or add to your life to make it better.

It could be that you want better health and you want to add eating healthy or exercise to your habits.

Or that you currently smoke to meet certain social or physical needs and you can come up with a new habit to try out that might meet that need instead!

See the following diagram to understand how habits become firmly rooted in our lives in the first place. In a desire to meet a deep psychological or emotional “need” you form a strategy. That strategy ultimately becomes an action or new behavior. And if that behavior is ‘successful’ at meeting your needs it later becomes a habit that you don’t even have to think about anymore.

The only problem is that if that habit is actually “bad” for you.. you might still carry it out because it meets other more important needs .. and simply stopping the “bad habit” would create a vacuum .. and cause you distress in not being able to meet the needs that the habit was meeting.

SO for this reason, its not enough to stop bad habits cold turkey.. its better to identify what need the habit is meeting and try to REPLACE it with better habits.

Because its hard to move faster with your foot on the brake, I suggest starting with replacing all your bad habits with better habits.. and then once you’ve done that you can start adding more and more positive habits to your life to make it even better and get closer to a level 10 life!

1 – Identify at least ONE “bad” habit .. try to discover all the need(s) this habit might currently be meeting.
2 – Come up with a list of potential better “strategies” for meeting your need(s)
3 – Start experimenting with the new strategies over the next week and see if they do a better job at meeting your need(s)
4 – Stop the old habit that might have had destructive side effects and start relying on the new habit that was consciously chosen! Explore this new habit for 30 days or so until it becomes automatic.

Habit forming is actually quite easy: when you are doing things that meet needs and feels good.. motivation is fairly automatic. That’s why none of us really lack motivation, we all have needs. We just lack taking risks and experimenting with activities that meet our needs better than anything else we’ve tried – and exploring activities that offer the least negative, most positive consequences for our lives! So take some risks and step up your life experience!