All those years of playing strategy games on the computer growing up as a kid, I did not realize much I was preparing myself for strategic action in the bigger game of REAL LIFE.

But first I had to stop wasting my time and get serious about what I really wanted to do in life. And then I had to start experimenting, beginning with my first business. Frankly it was many years of hard work with very little return .. We are talking working often times 7 days a week making $2 an hour, living at my first office in St. George, Utah at age 17.. For a couple of years!

After working so hard for 3 years to get out of the $30 k in debt I had built up (yep, credit card and family loans) and building up a nice surplus only to lose it all when I over-expanded and over-hired with a huge office in India, I realized that working for money alone is risky business! Since you can lose if all at any time, and all that time you spent to make it is gone forever. I realized its far better to invest in upgrading your brain, living a life that is fulfilled by amazing experiences and people. Even if you lose all your money, stuff or status, you did not waste one minute, because you got to experience fulfillment throughout the journey and you will continue to experience fulfillment even if the journey has gains and losses (which it will). Plus constantly upgrading your brain combined with healthy eating and exercise is the best insurance policy!

After my first major financial loss, my strategy for living completely shifted to one of fulfillment first and achievement second. And I realized that while its not always possible to live in a state of ecstasy all the time, it certainly is possible most of the time if you are focused on fulfillment as a primary objective, and you are strategic about it.

Fulfillment for me is the product of a good routine, close connections and only comparing myself against the best version of myself.

When it comes to achievement.. Its a fun way to test your capabilities and contribute in a bigger way.
But never again for the sole purpose of monetary gain, which lacks the primary objective of fulfillment.

What is the most strategic way to go about achievement? Big dreams, great teams and high value routines.

While there are no guarantees in life, there are always ways to increase probabilities of desirable outcomes through being strategic and consistent with action.

Key points
– If you live for daily FULFILLMENT first, you will enjoy the journey and not feel as though you wasted time
– If you are strategic about long term ACHIEVEMENT and take action every day you increase the probabilities of desirable outcomes
– Be proactive! Nothing in nature survives very long if it is reactive or stagnant.