I’m writing about the cause and effect chain from intention to manifestation. The flow of energy from source to manifestation.

Cause and Effect Chain

Intention is the clarification of personal truth. What you ultimately aim to focus on. Not what sounds good or is good public relations, but the truth behind the story. The most powerful intentions are driven by love. The least powerful intentions are driven by selfish gain. Power in this context is defined as , spiritually charged.

Will is the muscle of thought. It is here that you “thought train” yourself to strengthen the muscle. If you aren’t aware that such a thing as thought-training exists, you never attempt to flex your thought muscle and so its weak by default.
A person with a weak will has a hard time controlling attention. It becomes difficult then to sustain intention for any length of time without wearing down and succumbing to the temptation of distraction. Distraction is the opposite of thought control. It’s the result of a will left uncontrolled or an intention that hasn’t been clearly defined; or a combination of both.

Another word for attention is awareness. Awareness IS life. It is all that ever exists in the moment. The future a fantasy and the past an impression in the current of time – BUT awareness is always existing in the stream of now.

Focus is a word that’s used to describe the connection between intention, will and attention. When you focus on something – you summon intention, will and attention to a point of concentration. A determination has been made on where awareness will flow. How long you can actually maintain this concentration depends on the strength of your will. An advanced thought-trainer can focused for extended periods of time on whatever he or she wishes.

Manifestation of anything significant in the material world absolutely requires sustained focus on a specific thing. And not just in one plane. Because the material world is physical, it also requires focus of a physical kind – physical action. An emphasis on any one kind of concentration – such as mental, is useful only in the plane in which it operates. So to bring about results in the physical requires a co-operation of selves across multiple planes.

For example a birth of insight from the spiritual plane for what and how the SOUL may best express it’s love, a strong WILL to sustain focus upon a clear objective., and the inevitable necessity for some kind of physical action and co-operation of bodies to move the raw materials into place. If awareness get’s stuck in any one plane , it’s like electrical current shorting out before it reaches full expression in whatever device it is intended to charge.

By understanding the entire chain of creation from initial cause to final effect you can be a more effective creator. The cause and effect chain is:
1 – Intention
2 – Will
3 – Attention
4 – Concentration
5 – Manifestation

True intentions should be of loving nature to really carry power across multiple planes (Spiritual, mental, social, emotional, physical)
Steps 2 through 4, Will, Attention, Concentration used together is what we call FOCUS.
Focus may only be sustained through strengthening of WILL.
Will may be strengthened by regular, moment to moment THOUGHT TRAINING.
Concentration is simply ATTENTION over TIME.
Manifestation is the co-operation of different parts of our selves and often multiple bodies across multiple planes.
Physical manifestation is by far NOT the most important plane, even though its the most visible.
The most important plane is that which is closest to the source and flows through all the rest: spiritual intention.