I find myself questioning what I really, truly know 100% after being on this planet for 33 years. I would say its really quite simple:

1) I know that I am observing
2) I know that NOW exists
3) I know that the current NOW is a consequence of all prior Nows, at least from the start of my observations.
4) I know based on #3 I have some level of influence over my future NOWs
5) I know that I feel and feelings are ‘real’ .. I feel them.
6) I know that reality is wide open to INTERPRETATION, and each person has a unique perspective. These perspectives influence how we feel
7) I know I feel the best when I am doing all the things that make me feel happy.
8) I know that knowing how some things operate.. (a law or process that anyone can follow / reduplicate) can make life easier.

Now I am entering interpretation territory:
Yes Interpretations help us to make sense of the world, to operate within it, to give life meaning. But aside from basic laws, principles or processes (as indifferent to the operator as a remote control) .. would you agree everything else we know about reality is our interpretation of it?

If so.. Dear Earthlings, would you agree we should not argue over what we don’t know 100%? If so, we can open up to other perspectives, and indeed we might learn something.

Is there anything else we can know 100% ?
I am curious. I will call you out if its an interpretation .. constructed meaning based on pure observation.. and please call me out if I did that on any of the above points.