I find this diagram helpful with my meditations.. I can move my awareness to one of six major points.. and rather than trying to immediately calm my mind (and be more present) I just move it to the most dominant “attention grabbing” point first.. then move it around to each point until eventually I can blend all the points together into the now.

Visual External – what you see when your eyes are open
Auditory External -what you hear in your immediate environment
Kinesthetic External – what you feel on your body at this moment

Visual Internal – what you see in your mind when you close your eyes (past / future / thoughts)
Auditory Internal – what you hear when you tune inside (At the moment this is the loudest one for me when I go within.. I personally hear the inner voice running almost all the time constructing my reality for my consciousness in words)
Kinesthetic Internal – what you feel IN your body as you go within


A little tip on this.. I try to put the “now” circle in my heart and pull everything together once my awareness is done dancing around at the different points. Because you are going with the stimulations from both the EXTERNAL or INTERNAL worlds.. you should find it easier to concentrate at first .. and then direct your awareness to let go of everything, even the words you use to describe your reality.. so that everything you see simply becomes all that is happening now.. as you presently witness it.