Every moment is an opportunity for rebirth.
Things do not reverse, they repeat.
Stand in now and observe.
From now on.. we are who we choose to be.
Free conscious choice trumps old patterns.
From now on .. let your beautiful Soul shine free

Sometimes I lose myself in being now..
A temporary moment of total freedom
A suspended state of this is all I am.. focused on light
Then I can go back into the story of this human I have grown to know so intimately, from the inside out.
I appreciate every day of this human experience for the temporary and miraculous thing that it is.. to the fullest!

I am about to go offline in another process of rebirth. I want to thank all of those people .. especially those on my team who support my journey. You know who you are. I am so very thankful to have such caring and devoted people who can be trusted so fully. I feel blessed to be working with you and I look forward to our exciting chapters ahead. YOU ARE APPRECIATED and I send each of you my gratitude.

Anytime I momentarily feel down or alone (yes it happens) I just remember all the miracles and blessings in my life and give thanks! ♡