At the beginning of last year we set two major intentions across all our companies:

#1 – To rise to a level 10 energy
#2 – To create many new experiences that we could appreciate all the way

Within 30 days of setting that goal, I lost some top leadership I trusted a large account that made up more than 120 staff. I had a property manager run off with $6k and a small team run off with deposits.
The weird thing is, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. I feel like the stage has now been set for us to accomplish the goals we set out with at the start of this year. The main objective is energy, not attachment to material goals or people that might cause stagnant energy or bring energy down. This doesn’t mean we always have perfect energy and thoughts, everyone has their day. But it does mean that we are on the same mission of consistently gravitating towards higher energy.

What I’ve learned is this..

When you set energy as the objective, get ready for the ride!

A focus on higher energy cuts through reality like an axe. The evolution of circumstance around you happens very quickly to align with new energy. Many things fall away at first, which can be scary (especially to Ego), as it can feel like you are losing something in the material.

But the greatest gain is the SPACE that now allows for the things to flow in that are now aligned with this higher energy. Everything around you in the material is not really an accurate representation of your success or ability, it is a representation of your energy standards. And your ability to maintain higher energy standards, depends on your level of non-resistance to what shows up!

– Set your intention for a higher energy , level 10 life, team or planet
– Be ready to hang on through rapid change and loss as the tension between old and new energy becomes too great
– Maintain higher energy by appreciating everything that now starts flowing into your life, by not resisting the change or hanging onto the past!